Why Is It?


During the last six years of glorious retirement, the day of the week,or the fact that it is the weekend, has meant nothing at all to me.  As a matter of fact, I usually have to either ask someone or go look at the calendar to figure out what day it actually is.   Not so here!!! The prato do dai (plate of the day) is just one of those things that tells me exactly what day it is………if it’s a fish dish, it’s Friday, if it’s galinha assada (roast chicken), it’s usually Saturday.  So many of the customs here define the day of the week or weekend and I’ve assimilated it without even realizing.  I love it!

Yesterday I explored again, no road or path is off limits and they all call out to me.  I was on a bit of a mission to try and find a route to a specific place,which Marc and I did in the afternoon,but the morning, simply exploring, expanding my boundaries and breathing in the tranquil beauty of this little village we will call home for the next few months.

A few shots from the day.

I think in total I wandered for about 2.5 hours and could have continued longer except it was starting to get darker and the threat of rain and getting soaked didn’t appeal to me. I headed home and then Marc and I went out to try and find the accommodation that our friends Carole and André have rented for their upcoming visit…….we did and felt a bit like Sherlock and Watson in doing so!!!!  It’s a lovely spot tucked away on a tiny mountain road with a stunning view of Faro and the sea off in the distance AND only two kms. from us!!

Our friend, Gwen McCauley was coming for dinner and while waiting Marc and I went to the roof top patio to enjoy the sunset.



  1. Agréable lecture et très belles photos à se mettre sous la pupille en ce matin très moche en Nouvelle France. Rassurant de savoir que nous en avons pour plusieurs mois de ces sympathiques communiqués. Merci…


  2. Beautiful photos, as expected. I loved them all but especially the black wrought iron gates. The detail is very eye catching. Headed out to Park Ave but will look for you on Skype tomorrow.


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