Here a Week Already

The days are already starting to merge into each other.  I have to stop and ask myself what I did just yesterday and then I have the debate in my head as to whether or not that was really ONLY yesterday!!  Thank goodness I can consult with Marc.  One thing is for certain, the days disappear quickly and always seem full despite not having any great accomplishments.

Our weather thus far has been exceptionally beautiful.  Temperatures get up to 17 – 19 during the day and go down to around 9-11  overnight.  We have noticed a few things that (hopefully) indicate a mild winter.  Firstly, the storks are back already and building nests on anything high that is relatively flat…….poles, chimney’s, church steeples etc..  We’ve seen an abundance of them and that encourages me.  Secondly, the normal average temperature for this area is usually around 14 – 16 and we remain well above that.   Yahoo!!

This morning, once our second load of laundry was on the line, we headed our for our walk and discovered a wonderful country road/land that sort of goes partially around the town. It was great to wander, smell the amazing scent of blooming flowers and trees and avoid the traffic…..not that there is a lot of it but it is different when you aren’t having to look over your shoulder at oncoming vehicles.  We also, well actually Marc did, climbed into a large field of bamboo and found us each a wonderful solid and lengthy walking stick, now the thought of the occasional stray dog doesn’t bother me and I will explore a few other paths I’ve found.


We decided it was time to head into Moncarapacho and have lunch at our favourite, Pizza and Love but sadly she was closed, as were a couple of the other restaurants we sought out.  Happily the O  Cortiço was open and we dined on wonderfully rich and tasty home-cooking.

One of the things that I quite appreciate about dining out here, especially given most of the places we eat tend to be simple Mom and Pop type places, is that the ingredients tend to be of the highest quality and always more than generous portions.  Few, ingredients with each dish which allows you to appreciate the flavour of what you’ve ordered.  We are also,after five years of coming here, still finding that prices continue to be low.

Stuffed and content we headed home to take in the laundry, enjoy our habitual afternoon tea and relax with whatever tickles each of our fancy.  We were greeted at our gate by the usual suspect…….

I wonder just who is happiest!!

Konrad told us today that we are welcomed to feed him, that he is not owned by he “complex” but that his presence is not a nuisance so……next time we go to the grocery we’ll pick up a bag of food………the warning was……..make sure you check the house before you leave that he hasn’t hidden under the bedclothes of elsewhere…….our goal is to keep him outside.


  1. Most importantly….SOOOO happy to hear you will feed the cat. lol My bathroom light fixture looks very similar to the chimney top fixture in the first photo. I love the terra cotta colors and actually painted 3 accent walls one shade deeper than that. Very rich looking. I just returned from 2 one hour walks taking 2 dogs each time. It is beautiful here right now with temps close to 80 but no humidity. Continue to enjoy….. my mouth drooled looking at the food pics.


  2. Your way of spending your days in Estoi sounds so similar to what we used to do last year. We also walked every day and were on that path a couple of times. The cat was very often hanging around the place as well. I am glad you decided to feed him. What about Primo, the dog living next door? Is he still there? I can’t wait to be there! Counting the days.


  3. Well, you two are settling in quite nicely. You’ll be doing a dance routine up the lane way…hand me down my bamboo cane! Gary and I are thinking you will have lots of fun introducing us to your new finds. Hints of winter around us with another system passing tonight. You guys are in a good place.


  4. Yayyyyyyy!! The cat gets fed at last!! LOL

    I LOVED that laneway that you found to stroll down, what a pretty area.

    Randy I’m not sure if it’s just me but your blog was loading the pictures in a strange way, I wasn’t able to read the captions….and, I cannot see what I am typing here at all…..forgive any mistakes. I even rebooted my computer in an attempt to fix it but to no avail.

    From what I could see of it, the food looked yummy.

    Love your selfie and your sticks. LOL

    Love to you both.


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