Storms Abound

I’m reading a great book and the final chapter, before shutting off the lights last night, was all centered around a murder and this massive thunder and lightening storm.  I woke around 2 a.m. to the sound of the loudest thunder clap  have ever heard!!!!!  For two seconds I thought I was dreaming about my book then I realized it was the real deal.  I truly don’t think I have ever seen or heard a storm that alive before in my existence.  It continued through the night and keep reinforcing itself until about 9hoo.  What a marvelous thing to behold.

That, combined with little sleep, translated into a lazy laid back kind of morning until around 10 the sun beckoned to us and off we headed for a leisurely morning walk.  The smell of fresh rain, the burbling brooks and rushing river all reminded us how amazing Mother Nature can be.  The various shades of green were evident everywhere.


We had an appointment at 13h00 here at the house which meant we had to be home and then headed off for a late lunch at Dinis’s…..our first time there this trip.  We were greeted like old friends with a wave at first followed by handshakes and greetings.  We both enjoy that familiarly here, it makes us feel at home.  The place was quite full today as it is a bank holiday.

A drive for us is never in a straight line.  We take winding interesting country routes.  We stop whenever a photo opportunity avails itself or when the whim hits us  and this helps the day to disappear.  By the time we arrived home it was close to 16h00 and although we had had only sunshine on our outing, the sky was still darker here in the mountains and the sense that we might have more rain prevailed.

And to close the day…..a photo of my favourite chimney from our walk this morning.




  1. Been following and loving it. The messages I’ve sent earlier were not sent, Joanne is here now and helping. If this works were in business.


  2. Hi Randy and Marc, I love to see your photos and hear your news. Thank you for continuing your blog. When I get there some day, Portugal will feel like an old friend.


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