Another Gorgeous Day in Estoi



Je ne me souviens pas d’avoir marché cinq kilomètres la dernière fois. Aujourd’hui je l’ai fait. Moi qui est fondamentalement paresseux pour ce genre d’activité je me suis dit qu’il fallait que je face quelque chose pour moi. Randy aime prendre de longues randonnées et exploré. Moi j’aime les courtes randonnées et exploré mais j’ai pris mon courage à deux mains et à deux pieds et voila, nous somme aller gaiement.

Départ après le petit déjeuner et but – ce rendre à la villa où les amis Carole et André auront résidence dans quelques temps. C’est juste à deux kilomètres d’ici que m’a dit Randy. Oui deux kilomètres aller et deux kilomètres et demie pour le retour, en passant par un chemin différent. J’ai accepté! J’en suis fière! Les kilos vos fondre à ce rhythm.

En chemin on s’étonne à tout les deux tournants. Une fleure merveilleuse ici, une ruine spectaculaire la, une résidence rose, une autre orange tout juste à côté. Il y a des WoW partout sur les chemins de travers. Il suffit d’être attentif, de prendre le temps. Le but n’est pas d’atteindre le point B mais bien le parcours que l’on fait. La réalisation est grande, belle, plaisante. Il ne suffit pas de l’apprendre intellectuellement mais de le mettre en pratique. C’est ce que nous faisons. J’ai l’impression de vivre pleinement depuis que cette chose fait partie de ma vie. S’arrêter, respirer, humer, voir, absorber, sentir, d’épater pour une petite fleur qui pousse malgré l’environnement qui ne lui est pas favorable. Ca c’est extraordinaire!

What a gorgeous day it’s been..  started with laundry!!!!  Have to take advantage of the sunshine.

Following breakfast we headed off for a lengthy “stroll” through some of the surrounding countryside.  We wanted to walk the route to a house that our friends Carole and Andrè have rented for March.  We were delighted to find we could easily walk there in about 20 minutes, and that certainly wasn’t rushing.    The tiny winding country road they will be living on is quite quiet, we saw only one vehicle and one rabbit!  They will be on the side of the mountain facing south, overlooking Faro and the sea in the distance.  We anticipate an afternoon or two enjoying their hospitality and terrace!

We walked for over two hours, easy and effortlessly the entire time.  I think the tranquility of the countryside appeals to both of us and lulls us into a state of meditation yet energizes.  Without realizing it, we worked up an appetite and decided that once back in town we would simply head to Ana’s and enjoy more sunshine on the patio rather than go home and cook.  The prato da dia was jardineira de vitela…a veal stew.  Given I don’t eat veal, I passed and ordered…..of all things…asinhas de frango (chicken wings)

The patio was busy but not over crowded and we quite enjoy our interaction with Ana and the sense of feeling at home there.  It was a favourite for us last year and continues to be this year.  The local people are recognizing us and we get a cheery bom dia as they walk by or stop for their own “take away”, which is quite common here in smaller villages. And the expats who live nearby, say hello, introduce themselves and ask, without prying, where we are from and offer a pleasant olà.

Once home we decided to relax in the sunshine, do a little house-keeping and wile our time away with individual pastimes, there is never a dull moment.  Of course we now have a daily visitor………….thanks to treats!


He sits calmly and waits for one of us to open the door and come out and is quite gentle with us.  We both enjoy it as we both love animals.  And that brings us to now…….our music is playing, the odor of frango roasting in the oven is tantalizing and the vino, which we have had very little of this year as we are trying to be a bit more responsible,is a delicious treat.


  1. Wowzers that’s a beautiful big grasshopper!!! It’s eyes look like topaz!

    LOL Two men and their sticks. Should be a movie title. LOL

    A great old olive tree, I’d like to have it in my backyard.

    I love the pictures of the window with the green shutters, it looks like a miniature doorway. The abandoned building shots are really lovely. I love the mix of colours.

    Were those Marc’s thongs I saw you hanging on the line??? 😉 Tee hee hee

    Thanks a wonderful picture of Marc! What a great smile he’s sporting!

    That’s certainly a different looking tree… Silk Floss Tree. I saw a picture of it’s flower on Marc’s FB…. beautiful.

    Ahhhhh love it, Marc loving up the pussy!!



  2. I love the contrast of colour and light in the doors/entrance ways…very inviting; the dinosaur looking tree trunk, Marc’s infectious smile, gorgeous fern and that courageous little pink flower in bloom in less than desirable soil. What did I miss?


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