Pousada Palácio de Estói Gardens

What a great day we’ve had.  Invitations for breakfast are rare and with that in mind, we invited our friend Gwen McCauley to join us for one of Marc’s wonderful breakfast creations……. crêpes.  I went out to pick a bag of fresh oranges, returned and made juice and Marc commenced to make a compote of pears and apples, thinly sliced poached figs, cheese, yogurt, bananas and of course, maple syrup!   What a wonderful feast we enjoyed peppered with great conversation and plenty of laughs.

Despite being a “frequent flyer” here in Portugal, Gwen had not had an opportunity to explore Estoi or the gardens of the pousada and when I suggested it after breakfast she was quick to accept.  Marc bowed out and spent a relaxing few hours collaging and enjoying a little solitude.

There is nothing that I could say about our morning that a few photos couldn’t say better and so……

We wandered till we couldn’t any longer and we didn’t make it outside the gardens, other than the journey there and back, which is minutes from our gate.  Such a gratifying morning.  By now it was heading towards 13h00 and breakfast was long gone.  A quick stop to collect Marc at home then back to the square for a hearty lunch of cozida portuguesa,  which is a rich stew that usually includes pork, Portuguese smoked (or blood) sausages served with cabbage, carrots, turnips, rice, potatoes, and collard greens.  It was filling and delicious and we were so hungry we forgot to take photos!!

A walk home, hugs of departure and Gwen headed for home and Marc and I headed for the upstairs terrace to enjoy a little of the late afternoon sun, to read and chat.  The days seem to disappear and before we know it, evening is on us…………..



  1. I love all the pictures!!!! One of my favourite is the one after the colourful house, you’re looking from the inside out through the oval decorative window… just lovely.

    The one where you’re looking back and took a picture of that stunning pink coloured doorway! Gorgeous. I think I see some stained glass just inside the left part of the doorway.

    Love the pretty heart decoration.

    I won’t say what came to mind when I first glimpsed the old downspout.

    The berries on the Medronho tree are so lovely. The pale pink with green tips…. love it.

    Ahhhh I love the little sunbathing cherub!!!

    Sounds like another wonderful day in Estoi!!!

    Send us some sunshine!! It’s always grey and damp here lately.



  2. All the photos today were great! The heart on the door captured my heart immediately! The 3 Graces brings back a memory of a jig’s dinner on Graves Island and a photo you took of another 3 Graces. The hibiscus is gorgeous as well as all the other flowers, especially the garden one with what looks like a palm in the background.
    I am looking forward to a similar walkabout in April with different foliage! And my poppies, of course!
    A shout out to Gwen…she looks beaming!


    1. I will make certain to take you to the gardens when you come, although I can’t promise you they will have poppies. You’ll see loads of poppies in other parts………..they are wild here….just like you will be!


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