Visiting Old and Favoured Haunts

Today we drove to the property I have rented for the last five years of coming to Portugal to say hello to Henrique and have a look at the property and area as we’ve never seen it this time of the year.  The farmer across the road from the farm has always grown large crops of persimmons, which in the months that I usually am here, amount to naked trees!!  This past year I was fortunate enough to finally get to glimpse of the persimmon flower…..well this year……..all I can say is WOW!!!

We had a lovely visit and chat and will see each other again in the next couple of weeks. Marc and I then drove near Arroteia, parked the car and enjoyed a fabulous walk across the Parc Formosia salt flats into Fuzeta.  The flats were empty of people but filled with sea birds of all kinds.  We saw plovers, gulls, storks, flamingos, and a variety that we couldn’t identify.  The sun was beaming and the faint scent of salt in the air was intoxicating to us. We have some many wonderful memories of this part of the Algarve.

We enjoyed a great meal on the main square in Fuzeta at one of our favourites….Pierrot, where we were greeted like old friends.  Life on the square is active and as fast paced as things get here!  There was a tiny market today selling shoes and boots and blankets!

Marc was a bit worn out as his knees are bothering him so I took the walk back to the car and then picked him up at the train station in Fuzeta.  We were both delighted with our outing, the walk across the salt flats, the great meal and the feeling of “being home” that left us both a little speechless….in a grand way.



  1. Great photos today. Nice to see the persimmons with fruit. Henrique looks great & it must have been nice to have the visit. I loved the chorus line of birds..good line…ha!


  2. Gosh, wonderful photos today! Love seeing Henrique so well and feeling his surprise to see you! The lady gardener…Hm-m-m! I must make note of her fashion statement! The ‘Chorus Line’ is terrific and seeing the salt flats makes me want to ice my leg…so I can walk them! Persimmons, not a fan but pics are great…but that Christmas wreath is exquisite…funny, the wee snowman ornament looks out of place! Another day in Paradise! Adeus!


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