The Eagle Has Landed

Françoise arriving, tired but happy!!

Marc and I left here early Sunday morning to take a leisurely drive through the country, stopping along the route as something caught our eye, destination by dark, Lisbon.

The day was beautiful and the countryside equally as breath-taking.  The first hour or so was mountain driving, which meant hairpin turns, climbing up and then winding our way down, only to climb up again.  A few of you were mentioned in terms of what your reactions might be on these roads…’ll know who you are!!!

We passed through tiny town after tiny town, a couple of larger towns and shortly after noon, arrived in Évora, where we had planned a few hours of wandering, lunch and onward.  Bad planning!!!!!  With it being Sunday, almost everything was closed, including most restaurants.  We did however make the most of it and enjoyed what we did do.

Evora is a beautiful town and one of the highlights in the city’s historic center stands the ancient Roman Temple of Évora (also called the Temple of Diana).  Marc stood beside it to give a sense of size.


We enjoyed the wandering and stumbled on a museum that was open, they had a display of Nativity scenes, from a private collection of 6,300 from all over the world.  Here are a few, some of them as you will see, in tiny match boxes and or bottles not as large as your finger.  Amazing.

We quite enjoyed this then wandered off to find something open for lunch.  Marc had porc with clams and potatoes and I enjoyed porc with migas,which is made with bread crumbs, herbs, GARLIC etc……….there was no missing me for the rest of the day!!

From here an hour or so of wandering then onward for the last two hours to Lisbon.

The rest of the drive was lovely but we found ourselves in heavy traffic once in Lisbon, turns out there was a soccer game about to start and everybody was winding their way to the stadium!!!  In any case, we made it.

Françoise arrived Monday, 4.5 hours late thanks to snow in Toronto………nevertheless, she is safe and sound, was tired but happy to have her feet on the ground.  She dozed a little on the way home but honestly, no much.  And so, this next chapter of our wintering here is now underway.  We’ll see what the day brings.


Françoise est enfin arrivée!

Après des attentes qui ont semblé interminable pour elle (et pour nous) Françoise est arrivée rayonnante à l’aéroport de Lisbonne lundi en début d’après-midi. Sont vol a été retardé d’une demi journée à cause de diverses réalités. Épuisée, elle avait un grand sourire qui en disant long. Nous avons crus y voir du soulagement autant que de la joie de nous revoir. En fait Randy et moi attendions ce moment depuis pas mal de temps. Depuis des semaines nous préparons le terrain pour sont arrivé. ET LA VOILA ENFIN!

Randy et moi sommes aller la cueillir à Lisbonne en passant par Evra, ville doté d’une cathédrale splendide et de ruine romaines qui font la renommée de cette charmante ville. Evora est une ville remplie de charme située en plein cœur de l’aridité de l’Alentejo, une région du centre du Portugal. Elle a une importance historique car servait de centre à la fois commercial et religieux et son histoire se reflète à travers une grande variété de sites touristiques, quasiment tous installés à l’intérieur des vieux murs de la ville.

Le château présentait durant le mois de décembre une collection de scènes de la nativité provenant de partout à travers le monde. Quel heureux hasard de ce trouvé là et de profiter dénué partie des 6,300 pièces mises en exposition.

On ne peu passer sous silence notre séjour d’une nuit à Lisbonne car nous avions réserver une chambre dans un des cartiers les moins fréquenter et par hasard presque la totalité des restaurants étaient fermés.

Le principal c’est que notre amie Françoise, suivent nommé Francoise soit avec nous.

Nous la laissons dormir pour ce reprendre sur les longues heures de voyage, le décalage horaire etc.  Muito bem vir a Portugal Françoise!


  1. Welcome to our little paradise Françoise! You will soon see that life at la Quinta is simply splendid! I look forward to meeting you in January.


  2. Hello there from the cold, snowy and dreary Canadian soil! So glad the three of you are together safely and I assume my hugs have arrived as well! Francoise, I hope you are not suffering from jet lag too much…you are in the perfect place to relax and to be pampered. Enjoy! Looking forward to chatting with you and hearing your first impressions of Paradise. Love you all, P


  3. Bien heureuse de savoir que l’amie Françoise est arrivée à bon port. Elle est entre bonnes mains, ça c’est sûr et dans un pays où il semble faire bon vivre. Bon séjour et amusez tous beaucoup XOX


  4. The High Mountains of Portugal! They really exist? Yann Martel’s book is full of descriptions of tiny villages in the hills. And if you can read without trying to figure out the allegories in this book, it is well worth the read.


      1. I had mixed feelings about it. It was a year ago so I’m not certain I recall all of it but I do remember I found the first of the three distinct stories, disjointed and I had trouble simply getting into it. Usually I have no issues suspending believe and letting the book take over but for some reason I found the first section quite contrived. I’m assuming you too read it?


      2. Hi, yes I read for for my Bookclub. I had hated Life of Pi, so I was hesitant about it. However, I really like this book. There are many parts that made me laugh. Walking backwards, the problem Tomas had with his uncle’s car, when Peter “buys” the chimpanzee Odo. There were also some very sad moments in the book. If you are interested in seeing what my Bookclub thought, you can go to the blog at :


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