Finally a Trip to Tavira

Today the forecast was rain rain and more rain……which is a typical Portuguese December and up till this point, we haven’t had any rain through the daytime.  It did pour early morning and the neighbourhood cat came and sought shelter on our covered patio and got fed!  About an hour after that, the rain stopped completely, I headed out for a long lovely walk and at 11h30 we headed off for Tavira.

The mountain route was gorgeous with the proliferation of green and the glistening of the recent rain.  By the time we landed in Tavira the sun was trying valiantly to burn off the cloud however the cloud won that battle.  Nonetheless we enjoyed a lovely walk about taking in the sea air and delighted that we seemed, for the most part to have the place to ourselves.

From here it was time for lunch.  We hoped to go to one our favourite places but it was closed on Wednesday…..a surprise for us!  Not to worry, we know plenty of other places and so we headed off to Cafe Simoa and enjoyed the prato da dia……for me a single cataplana with clams, pork, shrimp and veggies in a succulent broth and for Marc and Françoise…..Bacalhau com natas……salt cod baked in cream with a potato topping.

An all round wonderful first visit to Tavira this year…..on the way back to the car I saw this (for you Patty Anne)

img_1240And now it’s home, the fire is burning and everybody is complaining about the heat, Christmas music is playing and somehow an elf got in the house….



  1. Man oh man…I love the hat in the last picture….he sure looking cool…..haha love the posts. I read them when I am having a swally….yep……


  2. Great photos today and nice to see how they decorate for Christmas in Portugal and have such beautiful poinsettia’s. Nice to see Francoise is safely there and will enjoy a marvelous time with you both. I hope the elf is not slacking off from helping Santa….!


  3. LOL I laughed at Santa fish. Holiday humour.

    I loved the three chairs on the wall!! Pretty and colourful.

    The flowers are gorgeous…oh and I bet that Portuguese hooker makes a small fortune! Some good looking ‘e is by’.

    The Bacalhau com natas looks delish!

    Don’t complain about the heat just open a door or window.

    Now that’s a handsome looking elf! I wonder how he got in and if he brought any goodies with him. lol I think you should tie him up and keep him.

    I hope Francoise had a wonderful day and got to see many delightful things.



  4. A Christmas Cod! Ha! Ha! Such fun decorations! Loved the rich colours in the flowers…added some brightness and cheer to our cold, dreary days! Br-r-r!


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