Two Months Later and the Cake is Cut!!

I made my Christmas cakes in early October and have been nursing them with brandy since then.  They traveled economy class from Toronto to Lisbon and have been hiding in the fridge until today when finally, a lovely pot of tea, two wonderful people to share it with and yum yum yum!

We’ve enjoyed another marvelous day, a long walk this morning and today I remembered to take my camera along.  It’s delightful and surprising (for me) the things that are blooming this month.  It seems to be an excellent time for roses…….some of my shots from the morning jaunt.

Mid morning we headed off to Olhao to pick up a few things and opted to continue along the road to Frango Do Ria for frango piri piri for lunch………lips are still tingling.

From there, back to Olhao and a lovely walk prior to picking up our groceries.

Nous prenons un rythme avec Françoise qui s’apparente a celui des premières semaines avant sa venue. Les journées sont remplies de déjeuners variés, de marches dans et autour de le la ville de Estòi, de repas chez Ana ou ailleurs. Par exemple aujourd’hui nous sommes aller manger du poulet au restaurant Frango do Rio. Nous connaissons très bien pour y être aller à chantée voyage ici en Algarve. Le poulet est franchement consistant d’une fois a l’autre et il est grillé juste à point, juteux avec une petite touche de piri piri rehaussant le goût.

Et puis aujourd’hui ce devais d’être spécial. Randy nous avait promis de déballer un des ses deux gâteaux au fruits. Ce qui fut promis fut fait. Et OH! Quel délice. Les photos sont la pour le prouver. Cela fait deux mois que j’attend ce moment-là. Je peu vous dire que je n’ai pas attendus pour rien.

Finalement, je n’ai pas grand choses à dire, le soleil ce couche et nous nous préparons a une petite soirée tranquille. Feu au foyer, lecture, casse tête.

Bonne soirée à vous!


  1. Fruitcake looks divine and I can’t believe how beautiful the flowers especially the poinsettia’s. Enjoy the weather as we have had snow and hail squalls here today and going down to -20C with the windchill tonight.,,,Burrr!!


  2. Vous avez vraiment une vie de rêve! Que de la beauté et de l’amour dont vous semblez si bien en profiter!
    Bises! Andrée-Anne


  3. Your fruitcake looks decadent! By the pic, it was! And the flowers are truly beautiful…you are wise to experience winter in the Algarve, spring-like! Keep the photos coming as they are most appreciated…I enjoy my frequent ‘blog bouquets’!


  4. I am really wanting to have a slice of fruitcake now that I have seen yours. Lol. It looks delicious Randy.
    I love that orange coloured hedge. Do you know what it is? I also love the vibrant colours of the houses. White roses are also my favourite colour rose.


    1. Hi there….I’m not sure what kind of vine it is. I thought it was a trumpet vine but the flowers, which look more like tiny orchids, don’t match that. I’ll try and find out. My cake is quite delicious…..and very moist!


  5. OOOhhhhh yummy!!! Are ya’ll loaded drunk now? Bcuz I know there was enough booze in those fruitcakes to bring a man to his knees. LOL Probably sleeping it off as I type.

    My God the closeup of that pink dahlia is simply amazing! How beautiful is that. Nature is so wonderful.
    Gorgeous sunflower.

    The white rose is really lovely isn’t it. I like the white and the pale, pale yellow. The rose isn’t a flower I like much tho. The scent of them takes my mind to a place I’d rather not go to.

    The lavender …. lovely. On my neighbourhood walk with Ollie we pass by a house that has lavender planted in a corner lot flower garden, It’s amazing to smell. The lady there has invited me to take as much as I like of it. I don’t take it tho, I just run my fingers up over a stem of it and enjoy the scent of it on my fingers for the rest of my walk home.

    Could I please has half a dozen of those tangerines please.

    If that’s a butterfly bush, it’s certainly a scrawny looking one. LOL

    Hehehee Francoise looks like she’s about to burst with pleasure in that picture. 🙂

    My Gosh that really is a beautiful poinsettia! The colours are wonderful.

    I love, love, love the green house!!! Omg, everything about it is beautiful!!

    That orange hedge is stunning, what a feast for the eyes and nose!

    Keep them coming. This bit of colour and sunshine I get in your pictures is ALL I get these days. It’s FREEZING here. We’ve had blizzard conditions on off and on for the past two days and with the windchill it’s -21!! My God the wind is crazy. So col that even little Ollie didn’t want to continue on our walk this evening. When we got within sight of the house he raced up the road like the devil was on his heels….lmao…. found him huddled by the door waiting for me when I caught up. Oh and he had his jammies and his snowsuit on!!!!


    1. If I could send you a box of tangerines, I would. It’s heart breaking here to see all the fruit falling from the trees and rotting on the ground. At least the little critters get to enjoy some of it. As for that green house…..I would love it!!!


  6. Hey..I think there’s a piece with my name on it. The pics are enticing everyone to visit The Algarve especially with the chilly high winds and snow on the ground already. I’m so thrilled you guys are sharing pics and a dairy of your trip. Loving it.


  7. You’ll soon be here to enjoy it as well. It is wonderful to discover that winter here is full of vibrant colour……a great surprise for us. Yes, there will be a piece for you when you arrive…..I’ve warned them all….LOL.


  8. Que ce gâteau a l’air délicieux! J’imagine qu’il est inutile d’espérer qu’il en restera encore lors de notre arrivée!! ce n’est pas grave, je vous pardonne à l’avance. Profitez bien de toutes ces douceurs que la vie vous offre. Je vais bientôt commencer à compter les jours. Bises à vous deux.


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