Gypsy’s Tramps and Thieves

We had a grand day, a lovely drive in the country, stopping by the villa from other years to show Françoise around and a quick visit with Henrique, picking up vino in Fuzeta then on to Santa Luzia to have a wander around the Christmas fair, that was just opening at 14h00.


And our lunch today is a little something to tease Mr. and Mrs. Kean…………



  1. LMAO You buggers! Francoise looks like she’s cradling a baby in that picture of her with the ‘smirk’ on her face. LOL

    I’m cracking up at you thieves loading up on persimmons!!!!

    The picture of you and Francoise on the boardwalk is lovely, the setting is beautiful too.

    They use so many different types and styles of tiles and colours there yet they all seem to go together just beautifully. It always amazes me to see it.

    What a fun Christmas decoration on the wall behind you two!! Both you and F and then Marc and F! I love it.

    Awwwww, I love owls. Those ones are beauties. What does he have them for??? Is he selling them or are they just on display?? The tiny 5″ one has gorgeous eyes.

    Grin…the selfie of the three of you is great… someone should have lifted Francoise up a little so we could see her whole face. 😉

    The vendor has a lovely smile and kind eyes.

    Marc….the bouncer!

    The villa’s looking lovely with all the plants and flowers. You’re seeing it from a different perspective this year.

    Love it! Keep it coming!!



    1. Yes, it really is nice to see things at a completely different time of the year, and surprising to find all the colour available. The owls are simply on display. They seem to be well treated but still, it’s certainly not their natural habitat! The persimmons are not yet quite ripe but I did eat one of the ripest. Delicious taste but they leave your mouth feeling quite dry and your throat a bit raspy. I’ll have to wait a few days to try others.


  2. Wow, those owls are something! The Barn owl, the one with the funny nose is beautiful as an adult but the young are the ugliest birds I have ever seen! And what is a snowy oïl doing in Portugal! The owl with the ears looks like a great horned owl that are quite big! Was this one big?

    Love all the fruit. I have to admit I have never eaten persimmon. And I am curious to what that hanging black fruit was!


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