Christmas Markets

Saturday morning we headed off to introduce Françoise to Loulè and the wonderful indoor outdoor market.  The traffic was a little heavier than usual, related to the Christmas season I think, and all the people out organizing last minute shopping.  In that regard, it seem to be somewhat similar to North America.

When we arrived in Loulè we discovered that the main street was closed to traffic and there was a huge outdoor craft sale loaded with local vendors selling every imaginable thing you could think up.  What a delight and what fun we had stopping and chatting with people, testing some of the products, making a few small purchases and simply enjoying the festive air of the whole place.  We had a great day and I think it’s best to simply let the photos do the talking.

We walked our feet off and enjoyed every moment of it……………the market starts to wrap up around 12h30 and by then we were wanting lunch and as luck would have it, were very close to a tiny place that Marc and I had eaten last year.  We had the place to ourselves with a lovely fire burning in the grate, just for us.

Françoise had told them she wanted salad and only 4 french fries!!!!  The server put five on the plate and smiled a big toothless grin when she presented them.  A few minutes later she brought an entire plate and put them in front of Françoise and smiled again.   Fun had by all.


  1. Oh gosh..where to start. I could hear the sounds and feel the bustle in my mind. I loved the flowers and I got a surge of saliva looking at the melon. Seems very festive. I think my fave was the statue of the old man looking at the 2 sleepy gentlemen. I’m sure it was a wonderful day!!!


  2. So much to see…colours everywhere! I too laughed at the woman eyeballing the two men on the bench…technology has invaded every nook and cranny! How adorable were those nativity scenes! What were they made of?
    By the way people were dressed, it looks cold…coats/hats?
    The breads, cheeses, fruits and vegetables looked fresh and delicious!
    Glad a fabulous day was had by all and maybe you enjoyed a craft beer upon your return home!


    1. It IS winter here for the local people so of course they are all dressed in winter clothing! The nativity scenes were made of some type of sculpting clay then painted. No beer consumed, saving it for the holiday period.


  3. My Goodness!!!!!! I have never seen such lush fruit and veggies some I have never seen in my lifetime don’t know what they taste like. the market looked like my kind of place to hangout lol. could not get over all the lovely cheeses. the old woman eyeing the two gents is a great conversation piece I really loved that. It seems you are all having a wonderful time what a great way to spend Christmas. and the winter.


    1. Yes, the fruit and veggies are exceptionally tasty and there are many interesting things…..which we try when we can. Most of the cheeses are made from sheep or goats milk and both are quite tasty. They don’t last a long time so we try not to purchase to many at the same time.


  4. Allô Randy et Marc, ça donne l’envie d’être là avec vous…merci de nous partager vos aventures et vos beaux moments. Joyeux Noël et heureuse Année 2017. Lyne et Jean xox


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