Wine Tasting and Wandering

We’ve had a low-key couple of days as Marc picked up some kind of bug and has been completely bedridden for the last 2.5 days.  We’ve saved a fortune on wine!!!!!!!  (Kidding).

Today Françoise and I headed off with Gwen McCauley to find Quinta do Frances, a vineyard near the town of Silves.  Marc stayed tucked in bed with a good book, home-made garlic chicken soup compliments of Gwen, looking forward to (hopefully) a final day of recuperation.

It was 20 degrees, blue skies and a perfect time to take the back roads, stop along the way to enjoy a few amazing vistas, a bica and walk in Alte and lunch in Silves before landing at Quinta do Frances at 14h00 for our tour.

From here a stop in Alte…..

A half an hour later, we arrived in Silves, parked the car then walked along the river sidewalk until we came to our destination, a lovely inviting patio where they were supposed to have great pizza…..we were not disappointed.

Stuffed and sated we drove the last 15 minutes to the vineyard for our tour.  A small private vineyard, knowledgeable and pleasant tour guide, beautiful setting and three tastings.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely.

From here we headed home and on route we came across this beautiful old, seemingly, abandoned house.  Breaks my heart.

What a grand day.  Arrived home to find Marc feeling much better and now we are slowly moving into our evening…….an ipad is being used, a new Christmas puzzle has been started and I think I hear a glass of vino calling out to me….gotta run!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Ahh! Nothing like great homemade chicken soup when feeling under the weather. Thanks for another tour…what gorgeous roses! Lovely ladies as well!


    1. A very beautiful drive, we will have to do it when you are here…….discovering so many great places and haven’t had to use the GPS other than once when we first arrived. I have been assimilated!! When will we FT so I can see Miss Ellis and Mister Django???


  2. A grand day absolutely! You are seeing a lot of beautiful territory…the flowers are lovely, especially the roses; makes me yearn for spring!
    You didn’t mention the wine tour….just curious! Was it enjoyable?
    Busy times ahead!


    1. I’m one of those people who believe that once you’ve done one wine tour, you’v done them all!! It was enjoyable but more so the connection with local people and the discussion around local habits, expectations etc.. Everything I do is enjoyable….or I don’t do it!


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