Ready for Old Saint Nick

Life has been busy the past couple of days.  Marc unfortunately continues to be ill with whatever stomach virus he picked up, not at all fun for him.  He’s been laying low, sleeping quite a bit but when he feels up to it, accomplishing the things he wants to do to contribute to the celebrations of the next couple of days.

David, Françoise’s son, has arrived from Switzerland and is settling into our laid back Portuguese lifestyle.

Today we finalized our grocery shopping, went for a long leisurely lunch then a lovely walk about in Estoi and when we got home, found Marc busy at a jigsaw puzzle and we all chipped in and before you know it, finished it……a winterland Christmas scene!!!


And that’s our day.   Françoise and David have gone out for dinner, Marc is in bed reading and here I am…….


  1. Très heureuse pour l’amie Françoise qu’elle célèbre Noel avec son beau garçon. C’est bien dommage pour Marc. Je sais que vous aurez quand même un beau Noel.

    Feliz Natal a todos XOX


  2. Hi Randy and Marc, we hope everybody will be well by tomorrow.
    Sending our warmest Christmas wishes to all of you!
    Joyeux Noel!
    Andrea and Warren


  3. Désolée d’apprendre que Marc ne se sent pas bien! J’espère qu’il pourra tout de même célébrer un peu ce beau Noël que vous attendiez avec tant d’impatience et de joie. Je vous souhaite donc un très beau réveillon et une journée de Noël à la hauteur de vos attentes. Joie, amour, amitié, tout cela ensemble devrait contribuer Àvous faire vivre le plus beaux des Noël. Grosses bises.


  4. Randy & Marc, Francoise & her son
    Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas celebration in Portugal. A walk on the beach at 23C sounds wonderful. We are planning to drive the Cabot Trail on Boxing Day and it should be -5C as we walk some beaches. It’s a balmy 6C here today, so looks like a milder Xmas. Seafood casserole on the agenda tonight and turkey tomorrow. All is good. I hope Marc is feeling better and up to holiday celebrations! Hugs to all.


  5. Merry Christmas! I have just finished reading your posts to get caught up after my trip and it looks like you are having a most wonderful time. I am sorry to hear Marc has been ill and hope he rebounds soon. Enjoy the 12 days of Christmas in Estoi and I look forward to your posts about your day travels, la belle vie and of course, food……


    1. Hello Kim and Merry Christmas to you. We would love to hear some things about your trip………I know there has to be a story or two and photo or two so…….we wait. Marc is still not over his stomach virus but feeling a little better than he was a day or two ago. That happily did not stop us all from enjoying a marvelous Christmas with lots of great food……blog will show up soon. Big hugs from both of us.


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