Introducing Françoise to Olhao

Another beautiful sunny day here. Marc opted to stay at home and I had an errand to run in Olhão and dragged Françoise along to have a tour of the town.

A short hop east of Faro, Olhão (pronounced ol-yowng) is the Algarve’s biggest fishing port, with an active waterfront and pretty, bustling lanes in its old quarters. There aren’t many “tourist” sights, but the flat-roofed, Moorish-influenced neighbourhoods and North African feel make it a very pleasant place to wander.  I love allowing myself to simply “get lost” in the tiny streets.  Françoise was a great wandering companion and said that she wouldn’t gave dared to wander down most of those tiny streets without me!!!  I’m such a brave brute!!!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed our wanderings and worked up an appetite.  When thinking about lunch we decided it needed to be “meatless” and so one thing came to mind for both of us.

We sat on a patio in the warm sunshine, enjoyed a lovely gab, watching the passersby and waxing lyrically about how lucky we are.   Life is good!


  1. Hi Boys

    If you want to explain how we say in Portugal: “Olhão” , it is very simple.

    It is like the french word for the soup: “Bouillon” – it’s not “BOU – illon” but “OL – illon” and for the advanced Canadians “OL – illãon” like a cat makes “mião!”

    Thanks a lot for your nice photos



      1. LOL Yes I’d love to hear that one explained as well. I tried sounding it out several times but to no use.


  2. Francoise you are looking so happy and healthy! Trust Randy to guide you down those streets-remember the back alley in Toronto Randy (Delta Chelesa)?


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