Fish, Fuzeta and Frango….that about sums up our day!

Today was house-keeping day, our lovely “home away from home” was being cleaned from top to bottom and the only thing we had to do was …..get out of the way!!  And so, we headed off to Moncarapacho to introduce Françoise to the local  pottery, onward to Fuzeta for lunch on the square, a walk about in the sunshine and then a slow ride home taking the back roads to enjoy the sunshine and scenery.

The Olaria Moncarapachense is a small pottery in Moncarapacho.  It’s been there, and in the same family, since 1953.  Over the last five years I’ve purchased quite a few things from there and the quality is lasting and sturdy.  It was fun to go with Françoise.  Both Marc and I enjoyed wandering around but the most enjoyment was in watching her shop!

As we waited for Françoise I wandered nearby and was delighted to find a few new things in bloom or, still hanging around in the trees.


Fuzeta was quiet today, probably a symptom of tomorrows holiday and people having overeaten through the holidays.  We parked on the main street and enjoyed a leisurely walk towards the main square, window shopping, checking out the lovely façades and simply enjoying the stroll.  We had a great lunch at Pierrot’s, frango…..forgot to take a photo!!  We wolfed it down!

After lunch we enjoyed a stroll down to the beach, along the harbour and wound our way back to the grocery store.

The day is coming to a close……….fire is burning, jammies are on, house smells and looks wonderful thanks to Fatima……..and all is good in the world.  Tomorrow we are heading back to Loulé market and plans to eek out some sort of seafood for a special dinner tomorrow evening.  Stay tuned.


  1. Love the colourful pictures! Brings a ray of sunshine to a rather dark day here in Canada. Thanks for that!

    Happy New Year to all three of you! Wishes to all of you for the year ahead to continue bringing you, love, health and happiness and oh yeah lots of sunshine! 🍾🎉🍷🤗


  2. LOL, yes those are some kinda hiking boots. Your feet must be killing you!

    Love that flowering cactus plant!!!

    Françoise and Marc look like they are having fun for sure. {the pic for Bonnie}

    Ahhh I love how the water sparkles in the sun, now only if you could ship some of that sun and sparkle to me here in this winter wonderland! We have snow on top of snow on top of snow here. They are trucking it out of town from some area’s as the build up on corners and piles on the sidewalks are high enough.

    Tomorrow night is a big one, I hope you three have a wonderful evening and manage to get your old, retired selves up long enough to see the New Year arrive. LOLOL

    Love and Hugs.



  3. Your trip to Fuzeta sounds great! Benoît and I have never been there. Hopefully, we can go this time. As I am writing these words, you are probably celebrating and getting prepared to welcome the New Year! Benoît and I would like to wish you both, as well as to your friends Françoise and Gwen, a New Year filled with love, health and happiness. Big hugs and kisses.


    1. It is officially 2017 here and we just came down from the roof top terrace…..fireworks from Olhao, Faro, Vilamoura, and all around us in the mountains. What fun!!! It’s only another 25 dodo’s and you will arrive…..we will make certain Fuzeta is on your agenda. All the very best to you both.


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