Happy New Year from Estoi

Another January 1st……..it’s true, the older we get, the faster time goes by!!

Our New Year’s Eve was a very easy and lovely day.  We headed into Loule to purchase a few things for our evening meal, we had decided on langoustine and we had great success. As always, pure entertainment to visit the market, say hello to the few vendors we are now familiar with and allow ourselves to get caught up in the festive energy of it all.

We had decided not to go for lunch as we knew the evening would revolve around food and instead opted to stop for a bica and some sweet or savoury snack on the way home.

As always, once home we branched off in different directions to entertain ourselves….eventually Françoise and I headed off for a walk while Marc busied himself with his latest collage project.

What a grand day………it culminated in the three of us on the upstairs terrace at midnight,a bottle of Portuguese champagne and delightfully, surrounded, from the sea in the distance and the mountains around us, with all kinds of fireworks and whooping and hollering of joy celebrating the new years arrival.

To all our family and friends, a very very Happy New Year……….let’s hope that this time next year we can all look back and smile at our many antics,adventures and blessings.



  1. Everything looks delicious, fresh and colourful..and healthy! Fireworks would be a highlight for me…just love them! Happy New Year to all!


  2. Le soleil était au rendez-vous pour le premier jour de l’année ici c’est par 12cm de neige qu’on a souligné le début du nouvel an,mais déjà 2017 donc Le mois de mars n’est plus bien long🙂
    Je vous souhaite une magnifique année à tout les trois
    Ah oui j’aime bien le chapeau de Marc ça lui va bien
    À bientôt


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