January First and Marketing

We were happy to discover that here in Portugal many of the towns host small festivals, sort of a low-key gypsy market with quite a few vendors and lots of live music.  Despite all feeling a little tired from a late night, we managed to make ourselves presentable enough to head off at a reasonable hour and we wound our way into Moncarapacho, via unknown backroads, parked and wandered through the various booth deflecting “hungry for sales” vendors and simply revelling in the energy of the sights and sounds.

There were musicians wandering around, accordion, guitar, castanets, etc..  I did get a video

We had determined that today we would eat our meals at home rather than try and find a restaurant open…Marc had made a great pot of soup yesterday and I was doing piri piri chicken for dinner and so…….once we were sated with the  festivities we took yet another unknown road for home……..I love this aspect of driving here, especially now that I have a great sense of direction.  We end up discovering all kinds of new vistas, photograph opportunities and our love of this place continues to grow.


And as most of you are probably just up, or maybe still in jammies enjoying a lazy New Year’s Day…….we are home, working on a new puzzle, big fire on, helping to create a cozy environment, glasses of vino in hand, piri piri chicken marinating in the fridge and Lady Gaga entertaining us on the Bose………….life is generous, glorious and grand.


  1. What a great day! Can’t decide which are my favourite photos, too many to choose from. The pics are great…rich in colour, texture, composition and subject matter! The food, flowers, animals and houses burst with goodness and life…a good life which you are all enjoying and deserve! I laughed at the ‘hungry for sales’ phrase as I would be ‘hungry for purchases’! You know it! LOL!


  2. Happy New year to the three of you!!!! Sounds like you brought the new year in nicely.

    I loveeee the sardines tablecloth! You should get one Randy.

    My gosh the colours and texture of the towels!! I love it, I’d have colour all over my place if I could sift through those piles.

    I wonder why the plush toys are so popular. LOL does Marc have a thing for them? Why did you have to keep him away from them?

    I love the weathered old faces, so many stories written in them that I’d love to listen to.
    Those shoes…lol…yes they were something else. She didn’t like having photos taken eh… Since you were in them it could have been passed off as a tourist thing I guess. What did she say about it?

    I love, love, love the rich colours of the homes. I think they are so full of character.

    Love and Hugs to you,


  3. Those little toys bark and hop and move around……..and they are colourful……..you can’t help but be drawn to them. We so enjoy the markets and all the people and product looking…..it’s fun. You would love it but not the crowds!


  4. I love the colors of the houses,trees,flowers and the markets would be my thing for sure. the people living there are so lucky. everything about Portugal amazes me to no unend. thank you Randy for doing the blog as that is the only way I will ever come close to seeing Portugal.like Jo-Ann said the weather beaten faces tell a story. How lucky you three are to be there away from the cold old winters we have to suffer though.


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