Olhão Market Day

Sadly Marc was not at all feeling well again today so Françoise and I headed off for a shopping spree at the Olhão market, which is right beside the sea and without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable outdoor markets in the Algarve.   We had a grand time browsing all the stalls.  We bumped into Gwen, who happily took us to a couple of her favourite vendors and we did almost all our grocery shopping there.  Sun, sea air and shopping……Françoise was in her glory!!!   (me too I have to admit).

A grand day and tonight a lovely risotto with fresh peas, pumpkin, broccoli and sheep cheese, all purchased today……yummy!!!

And finally a few photos on our way back to the car.

And now the fire is smoldering, Marc is face-timing with a good friend in Saint Armand, Quebec, Françoise is tucked in her bed reading and all is good in the world.  Tomorrow, Françoise’s first Gypsy Market………the economic situation with climb in Estoi tomorrow!!!!


  1. Just to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog and vicariously enjoying Portugal with you. Tell Francoise she is missing very cold weather and huge amounts of snow.


    1. Thanks Ann. I enjoy creating this journal for myself and sharing it with family and friends. It’s nice to know people enjoy it. Françoise is quite relaxed and enjoying the warmth, I think she’s already dreading the return in mid February.


  2. Ahh!!!so uplifting to see you all in the sun. We are into a blizzard…pea soup, baked beans, real comfort foods for the body and soul. Hugs to all. P


  3. LOL! I thought of JoAnn and Ollie as well! Another gorgeous day for you all…sensory overload almost!
    Now that I have enjoyed persimmons because of your pics and descriptions, I’ll be trying guava next..they are tempting in your photos too.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s blog…me and markets! Hugs, P


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