Solo Exploration

Somehow Monday always feels like Monday no matter where you are in the world or what you’ve been up to on the weekend.  It was very much like that for me today.  Françoise was motivated to spend the morning ironing her laundry, Marc was itching to get back to his collage, he is working on a wonderful new piece……..Portuguese influenced, and I was longing to burn off all the calories I consumed this weekend by hiking in the mountains. Seems “motivation” was the word of the day.  We agreed to have lunch at home around 13h00 then head out an errand to pickup some supplies etc. and so we all had the morning to do whatever appealed most.

The mountain trail I opted to take was a little challenging in that it was all upward and I wasn’t completely certain I could do a loop but would have to retrace my steps so….with that in mind, off I headed.  Two hours later, glistening in sweat, I arrived home (just in time for lunch) and didn’t actually do a loop BUT…I explored and surveyed things and think that I may have figured out the loop path for next time.  Great hike!

A few folks have asked me about the landscape and so today I took a few shots from my highest point to give an idea……it’s not always possible to convey the reality with photos but, I did my best.

Once I hiked down from the mountain I decided to wander down a small laneway……it turned into a bit of peek a boo……

I also picked two lemons from an old tree on the side of the road JUST IN CASE anybody thought gin and tonic might be nice later in the day (I sip as I type)!!  And then arrived home to this lovely lunch…..Merci Françoise…salad Niçoise.




  1. Lovely day for all and some great shots. I love the almond trees and the peek-a-boo pics. The salad looks so good and what a wonderful yellow yolk on the egg.


  2. Yes, I agree free range eggs are so good. I try to purchase free range eggs at the market from a Mennonite family, as they do have a great taste.


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