Paying Homage to the Mighty Cork Tree

Françoise is planning a tour of the cork factory on Thursday and in preparation she had requested we take her to see the cork trees and so this morning, with that in mind, we headed off to a place that Gwen M had introduced us to a couple of trips ago, and the village of Alte.

Alte is situated away from the coast and is known as one of the most typical and unspoilt villages in the region of the Algarve.  The village contains Algarve style whitewashed houses, traditional chimneys and many cobbled alleys, most going up up and then up again!!  A great workout for the gluts!!  In essence, Alte is a wonderful place to wander, and wander we did.

On route we made a couple of stops, one of them to pee……as Marc was sighing with relief behind a bush, he suddenly heard a noise………


This little fellow was so happy to see us.  Wagging tail, happy grunts……..I’m certain he would have happily licked us if we could have gotten inside the fence!!  A big happy boy!!

How lovely it was to wander around, up and down the winding road, exploring what might be blooming, enjoying the fresh air and getting a little exercise.  From there, onward to Alte.  Once there we wandered around for about an hour or so then found a place for lunch and then, hit the cobblestone streets yet again to burn it all off.   Lots of physical activity today.

From here the drive home with one stop. because it was so lovely we couldn’t resist it.


  1. So many fabulous pics today! Really love the pretty and such a variety of colours! I am looking forward to touring the cork factory as well…fascinating, I’m sure! Probably has a gift shop…maybe? LOL!
    The colours on the buildings/doors have such depth and boldness; enhancing every structure, quite stunning.
    .Off to the grocery store tomorrow to buy oranges…inferior to what you are enjoying but your photo made me salivate!
    I laughed at the GI Joe…brought back memories of my Boys’ fascination with them growing up…hours and hours of amusement!
    Oh….it’s a wonderful life! Love, P


    1. We are loving all the colour and certainly the flowers are at the top of that list as we simply didn’t expect to see so many of them in the winter months. Supposed to have a few days of “cold” coming up, coincides with our trip to Seville, which may make it pleasant for the walking we plan on doing.


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