More Mountain Exploration

What a day it’s been.  It hit 22 degrees, the sun was blazing all day long and happily, I spent most of it outside.  With Marc feeling back to his old self, it was decided that we would head out on a lengthy walk, the objective being to see if I could find the final portion of the mountain trail that I was fairly certain, would allow me a loop of about two hours. Françoise decided she would start out with us but eventually break off and head back into town for a less challenging jaunt……what a wimp!

We had only walked about 10 minutes when Françoise headed off on her own, in fairness to her, it was quite an uphill climb.  She walked for 45 minutes or so on her own.  Marc and I kept up a great pace stopping from time to time to take a photo or two.

As I suspected, I can do a loop going up one side of the mountain then by taking a fairly tiny mountain road, end up about five minutes from the house without having to backtrack.  Unfortunately, when we did locate the connecting point to the mountain trail, Marc took a tumble, ripped the knee out of his jeans, cut the knee badly and skinned out his hand.  We opted to return the route we had come as the mountain trail is much more treacherous.  I took it as a sign from the universe for the day!!!

Once  home, cleaned up then off to Ana’s for a wonderful lunch.   Carne de porco Portuguesa.  Delicious and so much tastier sitting in the gorgeous sunshine on the patio with hardly a soul around.

After most lunches we take a walk to digest and stretch a bit.  Today was no exception.

Françoise enjoyed a tour of the cork factory this afternoon, Marc worked on his art and I did a grocery shop in Sao Bras then picked Françoise up from her tour. A full and wonderful day.



  1. Quel plaisir de te lire mais un peu inquiète pour ce cher Marc. J’espère que ce n’est qu’un mal qu’un bon verre de vin et une peu de repos peut réparer. Bravo Françoise, est-ce que ça veut dire que tu pourras m’accompagner dans le PArc de la Gatineau au mois de mai?


    1. Don’t be wishing your life away……enjoy all the cold icy wind and snow…..soon you won’t have it. Also, if you go out for an hour without socks and boots, you toes will be the colour of those irises and you can sit back and admire them!!!!!


    1. Thanks Joyce. It is a beautiful place, such an amazing tranquil lifestyle. The people here are always friendly, smiling and I love any and all interactions I have with them. This part of the Algarve is definitely a place people should consider visiting.


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