Fish, Fresh Air and Friends!

No matter which direction you turn your head right now you are certain to see almond flowers.  It’s breathtakingly gorgeous and what a treat for us to experience.  The photo above was taken this morning, the gates are the entrance to our property from our parking area.   As I headed out for my morning hike, this was my first visual.  I had to stop, take a breath and let it sink in as it truly is a sight to behold.

I bumped into a man who was having a mumbled conversation with his car!!!  I smiled and when we made eye contact, offered up a “bom dia”.  He smiled in return and offered the same greeting then went back to his mumbling.  I asked him if he had a problem with his car…….he looked at me and in broken english he asked me if I had a car.  I answered affirmatively and he then told me…..”don’t park under almond trees, they are spitting sugar right now”!!!!!!   I laughed and thanked him for the advice then when I came home, moved our car!!!!  I didn’t realize the blossoms would adhere to the car and cause problems, a bit like egg yolks!!!!   Sage advice and well0 heeded.

Once home from my walk I found that Marc had cleaned the kitchen and unloaded the dishwasher plus worked on his collage.  Françoise had taken her own walk and had gathered all kinds of kindling for our fireplace……she had broken it into small pieces and filled our kindling bucket.  A productive morning for all.   We had decided to drive into Fuzeta and enjoy a fish lunch outside, near the harbour and the local fish market so off we went.

A grand day, yet again.  And now the smell of fresh sausages, fried no doubt to perfection with roasted potatoes and carrots,,,is calling out to me… it’s my turn to set the table!!!!!!


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