Where Has January Gone???

Finally we have had a much needed, and long overdue, rain.  On Thursday it poured all day long, not heavy, simply constantly and then in the wee hours of the morning on Friday, intense thunder and lightening.  A night silent of cat fights nearby and barking dogs in the distance!!  We had prepared ourselves with a purchase of three new jigsaw puzzles,  food in for breakfast and our evening meal and lots of wood for the fire tucked in the dryness of the patio shade.   Lunchtime we braved the showers and walked over to Ana’s to enjoy a wonderful lunch of bacalhau a bras and to stretch our legs.   Not a bad day at all.

Friday was still a bit overcast but no rain.  The lushness of green is gorgeous, the small rivers are free flowing instead of being dry and the birds were dancing in and out of the trees in between ground diving for bugs and worms……..all was good in the world

Neighbours had invited us over for drinks on Friday night, which was lovely.  Françoise opted to stay home with a good book and a roaring fire but Marc and I went and had a delightful evening of drinks, great conversation and a table laden with snacks!

Saturday Françoise and I headed off to Loulé to pick up some things at the market while Marc decided to stay at home and prepare a soup for us and friends who were arriving that afternoon.  The market, as usual was thriving and it was fun for us as we weren’t in any hurry and therefore could simply wander about and absorb the atmosphere and people watch……what a wonderful, and free, past-time.

Marc and I drove to the Faro airport late afternoon to collect Diane and Benoit, who have arrived from Canada for a two month stay.  We met them here last year and it is thanks to them that we have this wonderful apartment in Estoi!!!!  We dropped them at their apartment, across the courtyard from us, Marc delivered his gift of soup and we left them to settle in and catch up on much deserved rest from the long day of travel.

Diane and Benoit arriving

This morning Marc, Françoise and myself headed off to the flea market at Quelfes, which was jam packed and fun.  It goes from the sublime to the ridiculous with the things you can find there.  We all three enjoyed ourselves and I think it’s the first time we all made a purchase……Françoise a back scratcher………Marc olives and a bath glove and me……dark green laces for my hiking boots……….big spenders aren’t we??

Once home I headed off for a lovely walk then later headed to Ana’s and the other’s joined me for a wonderful lunch, a grand gab catching up and simple relaxation in the sunshine.

Everywhere you look right now, it’s snowing almond blossoms!!!  What a treat it is for us to be able to witness this phenomenon each day this season.  It’s something we will never forget.

As you can see from our photos, it was a beautiful day.  According to the web it hit 21 here and I think that was probably true.  A perfect time to sit outside and relax for a few hours.

A wonderful life we live, and then to top it off, we get to enjoy all this lovely new colour since the rains on Thursday, and it’s only just beginning as spring is just about to start!


Hier, ou plutôt avant hier ont à manger du poulet piri piri pour le souper et afin de faire un bouillon qui a servie à faire une soupe. Cette soupe était destiné à Diane et Benoit. Ces amis sont arrivés hivers à l’aéroport de Faro. Nous sommes aller les cueillir en fin de journée. Leur vol fut long et pénible : Montréal à Frankfurt, puis Lisbonne et finalement Faro. Il y avait des attentes de trois heures entre Frankfurt et Lisbonne et six entre Lisbonne et Faro, ou le contraire. De toute façon ils sont arrivés épuisé.

Nous sommes heureux de les avoir parmi nous. Ils sont dans un unité juste à côté du nôtre, ou presque. Assez proches mais assez loin.

En ce dimanche matin nous nous sommes dirigés vers Quelfes a quelques kilomètres de notre logement. C’était jour de pouces. Ma foi, celle-ci était gigantesque. Comme à presque tout les marchés il y a de tout. De l’électronique, aux bas pour hommes et femmes au soutient n’importe quoi, fraises, fromages et bien sûr des vielles assiettes et vases presque antiques. C’est un plaisir de déambuler au travers les tables remplies de trucs et aussi, à certaines endroits, de trouver des objets présentés carrément par terre, faute de table.

À midi Diane, Françoise, Benoit, Randy et moi sommes retrouver autour d’une table au restaurant de Ana qui attendais les nouveaux arrivés avec plaisir. Et les poulet en sauce aux champignons était délicieux.

Nous avions proposé à Diane et Benoit de les amener au supermarché pour faire un emplette vue qu’ils n’ont pas de voiture. Ce qui fut promit fut fait au grand plaisir des comparses. Ca fait plaisir de faire plaisir franchement!

Et puis maintenant ont est installé, le feu dans le foyer et la,pizza auquel on devrait ajouté du poulet et du fromage sera bientôt dans le four…

La vie est remplie de bonté et de bonheur. Merci!!!


  1. So nice to see your friends arrive – very nice for you in the complex. The market pictures are so great and love seeing them. Markets are so much fun. Lovely to see Ana’s smiling face – she is so sweet. Life is all good for you! Love the flowers as you move into spring.


  2. Thank you so much Marc and Randy for your warm welcome! it feels so good to be here again and to know that you are living right next door to us. It also was a pleasure to finally meet with Françoise! You are both right: life is being good to us and we feel very privileged to have friends like you. For those who wonder: Marc’s soup was absolutely delicious and comforting after such a long trip!


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