A Weekend of Socializing!

This weekend is all about being social as we have either been entertaining, or being entertained!!

Last night we had Gwen in for a special birthday celebration as today, Sunday February 5th, is officially her big day…….Happy Birthday Gwen.

We have been invited out for dinner this evening, thank you to Benoit and Diane, and we even had to turn down an invitation to lunch today due to eating and drinking overload…..thank you Konrad and Ewald.

With all of this socializing, we’ve opted to have a couple of quiet days just wandering around Estoi, relaxing with reading and electronics and just each others company. Yesterday we headed out for a walk, decided to stop for lunch then onward for another walk culminating in a lovely visit with Ana, a bica and then home.

We decided to stop into Cantinho da Lili’s Bar and Restaurant for lunch as we were in that part of town and hungry….we were the only non-Portuguese in sight.

From there…..stuffed and needing to move a bit…..we headed on for an additional jaunt up through the village, stopping for photos and eventually a visit with Ana, before heading home.


The balance of our day was in preparation for Gwen’s birthday dinner………and what a fun evening we enjoyed together……..way past our bedtime!!


  1. The red succulent caught my eye and the orange flower looks interesting. I can’t decipher what the feather-fan(?) part of plant is…looks like miniature bananas!
    A lovely birthday celebration for a good friend….you always make people feel so special! xoxo


      1. I know just what she means. On the picture with the colourful orange blooms there are a couple of plants, right hand corner, they look like tiny bananas. lmaoooo


  2. You are quite the socialites…ha! Enjoy as always. Hope you are getting your daily BD Specials. Pics are great of flowers and people – cute little guys. Birthday greetings to Gwen as well.


  3. So do tell Mr Birthday boy to be…. what daily birthday treats have you received thus far????

    Yesssssssssss, tiny little bananas!! LOLOL



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