Living in our Paradise

This week, so far, has been rather laid back with a slow easy pace.  For some reason we are all a bit tired and it’s been nice to simply hang out, run a few errands, wander around town and do whatever turns our crank at any given moment.

I had an osteo appointment in Olhao yesterday morning and before heading back home made a quick trip to the grocery for a few things.   Once home Marc and I decided to head off to Fuzeta for lunch while Françoise decided to stay in Estoi and wander, which she did and as it turns out, treated herself to a lovely visit at the Pousada that included  wine and sardines!!!!!!   And a gorgeous sunset!!!

Today, another wonderful day albeit cloudy, we decided to take a lazy morning, stay in jammies for a bit and then at noon head to Olhao for lunch then a long leisurely walk through the Park Ria Formosa, what a great idea it turned out to be.

The walk in the park was just what we needed after this wonderful meal.  We strolled for a couple of hours enjoying the flora.

And yes, Françoise was with us but she told us she was not feeling photogenic today and so we did not point a camera in her direction for fear she would smack us!


J’avais hâte d’aller faire un tour sur le bord de la mer. Nous y sommes aller aujourd’hui. Pas sur la plage mais dans un parc Le parque natural da Ria Formosa.

C’est un endroit dédié à la conservation, a l’éducation et à la conscientisation de la nature. On peu y observer des oiseaux dans leur état naturel car il y a deux caches spécifiquement pour cette activité. La randonner est d’environ deux point cinq kilomètres. C’est tranquille, paisible loins des bruits de la ville tout à côté. Lorsque on rejoint la mer on peu y voir la banc de sable ou une communaux s’est installer. Le banc de sable est suffisamment large pour y accueillir des bâtiments alors au fils des années ont a construit des maisons et une petit communauté s’est formé. Sur l’un des panneaux explicatifs ont peu lire qu’avec changements climatiques le banc de sable s’élargit.

La randonnée fut agréable et ont en a profiter pour prendre toute les photos de petites fleurs, d’oiseaux etc qui nous apparaissait intéressant. À ce temps-ci de l’année il y a quand même pas mal de plantes en fleurs. À cet égard je me suis promené aujourd’hui à notre retour du parc, dans un champs contenant plusieurs orangers et à ma grande surprise il y en avait en fleur. Moi qui croyais que tout les orangers fleurissent en même temps. Je ne tenais pas pour compte qu’il. Y a plusieurs type d’oranges comme il existe plusieurs sorte de bananes ou de pomme de terre.

Avant de nous promener au parc nous somme s’aller dîner au restaurent de Dinis. La Casa de Pasto Armēnio était remplie comme d’habitude mais il restait une table pour nous a l’extérieur et c’est ce dont nous désirions. C’est Françoise qui a fait le meilleur choix de. Oui trois avec sont assiette de poissons mélanger. Quatre variétés de poissons grillés avec une sauce à l’ail…Yummm! Randy a pris un plat typique du portugal le porc avec les palourdes et moi un poulet à cari. Le repas comprenait le vin, le pain, les olives le dessert et les cafés. Tous les trois avons aimer notre repas. Et pour dix euros chacun, personnes ne ce plein.

Quel belle journée encore une fois.


  1. Ahhh!! Love the pics of fauna and flora. The bitter cold and snow has lost its appeal( actually never had it) and we’re anxious to take off. Soooooon.


  2. Love the pictures in the park, so lovely. I do remember how nice it was. The meals looked so good for all of you over the 2 days & the oyster shells are so pretty. The squid looked so interesting how they cooked them. I will have to try my hand at cooking it sometime like that. Always neat to see the fishing boats heading out to sea. Always love to see the blog update.


  3. You’re all living the good life, it’s good to be able to follow along and be included in it.

    Good for you Françoise!!!

    That white cat looks like it’s in sad shape. It’s skinny and dirty and bcuz cats don’t like to be dirty normally it makes me sad for it.

    Marc looks great sitting in the sunshine in his blue shirt… love his hair.

    You’re not looking so bad yourself brother of mine. 🙂

    Ohhhh at first I thought that was cuttlefish. Was it nice and tender the squid?? I hope they have their ink sacs removed!!!!!!!

    Yummy sea bass but it looked lonely with those two it needed fries.

    LOL @ the two old fellas … fun picture.

    Oysters… yick. Oh yummy, how was the curried chicken??? You’ve had pork and clams before…I find it a weird combo. Interesting looking fish platter.

    OMG I’d prolly make obscene noises eating that lovely looking fig cake too!!! Yummy.

    LMAO at the Feb cup picture!!! Did you get to keep it??? I hope so.

    That little blue flower was gorgeous!! Lovely deep shade of blue outlined by the purple shade.

    I love your ‘spectacular’ picture … really beautiful and the lantana…wow.

    The close up of that plant is sooo pretty! The next white flower is gorgeous too… it almost looks like it has silver stripes down the petals.

    The landscape there is just beautiful!



    1. Marc loved the curry dish…..not hot and spicy, just flavourful. I didn’t get to keep the cup but, there might be another opportunity!!! The clams and pork together is delicious. It’s a traditional dish from Alentejo, the region just above the Algarve. It’s tender and bursting with flavour. And yes, ink sacks removed this time.


  4. Great to see such lovely pics…flowers always make me happy! Getting geared up for heavy snow and squalls today…almost time to start counting the days!
    Feeling lucky to have such a great read with my morning coffee…thanks! xoxoxo


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