Exploring the West

Today we headed off, the three of us along with Benoit and Diane, to enjoy a little of the western Algarve.

Given Françoise is heading back to Canada in a week (February 15th), we are hoping to squeeze in a few day trips to take in some of the beauty of the Algarve she has not yet seen, and a few repeat things……her list is written!!

Today our journey took us through the rolling countryside, abundant in farm land, groves of olives, oranges, carob trees and pastures of grazing cows and sheep…..lots of sheep!! We eventually ended up at our first destination…. Cabo de São Vicente.    This cape is the southwesternmost point in Portugal.  For me it’s reminiscent, but different than, Cape Bonavista in Newfoundland.

We enjoyed wandering around, taking in the vista,reading the available descriptions and chatting with a  couple of vendors near the parking area then climbed back in the warmth of the car and headed into Sagres for lunch…….after all, it’s always about the food!!!

We decided, at Benoit’s suggestion, to head to Lagos and treat Françoise to a walk along the beautiful promenade, which  runs along the Avenida dos Descobrimentos (avenue of the Discoveries) right beside the water front.  With the gorgeous sunshine it made for an incredibly satisfying end to our day of exploration.

From here we headed home, about an hour and a half drive…lots of giggling going on in the back sea from Marc, Diane and Françoise.

As we were leaving this morning, this fellow was sitting on a tree beside the car……

And shortly after we arrived home tonight, here was our sunset.

I saw it all the time and I’ll say it again in closing……life is grand and we are very blessed to be living the way we do.


  1. Looks like another wonderful day!!! I will definitely put this on my list of places to see when I am next in Portugal. Loved the cliffs and rocks and beaches. Reminds me of Nfld.


  2. Thanks for sharing such great photos of the coastline, food, flora and seabirds. I love the ocean no matter where I am in the world. Hope Francoise gets to complete her Portugal bucket list.


  3. Oh WOW!!!
    What a stunning place!! I just can’t find the words to describe what I feel as I look at all the amazing beauty of the west coast! The pictures are stunning, the cliffs, the sparkling waters, the gorgeous beaches and mysterious little caves!!

    I LOVE it. All the colours and textures, if that’s what you’d call it, blue, blue sky, soft sand, rugged cliffs, vibrant greens and the different shades of blue ocean….. I think this was my favourite post yet.

    Your food looked wonderful, the octopus rice looked so yummy! Oh and lets not leave out that fig dessert!! LOL

    Such happy faces, a pleasure to see.



    1. Yes, stunning is a good word and especially on a beautiful sunny day. It’s very different when it’s dark and rainy let me tell you. I was there once when that happened and it wasn’t pretty!!!! Our rice was quite delicious and the octopus, as always here, tender and oh so tasty. A great day for sure. Another great day trip planned for Friday….stay tuned!!


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