Mountain Man

Given we had a lengthy day trip yesterday, and another tomorrow, depending on weather. Today was a day close to home for all of us.  I was feeling especially energetic so off I headed for what turned out to be a two hour up into the mountains, taking a route I’d not ventured up before.

I was in heaven……….almost literally as I seemed to go higher and higher and each bend in the road looped into another bend that kept going up up up.  I kept telling myself, one more bend and I’ll head back but each time something caught my eye and pulled me further.  Finally, at the very top, the views were fantastic…..I don’t think the photos do them justice but I’ll include them anyway as some folks keep asking me about the landscape.

I didn’t see another person coming up or down this route although I did stumble on a young and woman coming out of a side path at the very top of the mountain.  They looked a little disheveled and I think I startled them…….hmmmmmmm!!!!

Once home, realizing I was ravenous, we headed off to Ana’s for a marvelous Carne de porco a portuguesa.  Ana posts her daily specials on Facebook so we know what they are and if we are able to go, we send her a note to let her know how many of us there are so she saves us a portion.  I love it.  (obrigado Ana)

After lunch, Françoise took a walk, Marc and I headed home as there was laundry to take in and I was a bit walked out.  We cut through the pousada as it’s a wonderful short cut for us.



  1. Lovely walk you had my friend! I have to say the pork dish looked divine and the panna cotta looked absolutely delicious. Marc & Pat will be challenged to get a dish each – Ana needs to increase production for those two..ha! I love the picture of the single as it is so pretty and nature perfect. Enjoy the lovely weather as we are in the midst of a nor’easter in Halifax tonight.


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