Our rain has gone!!!! Yahooo

We’ve had a couple of days with fairly torrential downpours, which quite frankly, were needed.  Today, a little shower in the morning the clouds moved on, the sun came out and I think, or certainly hope, we’ve seen the end of it for a few days.  None of this is to be understood as a complaint.  Our friends in Ottawa and Nova Scotia have been sending along photos of their weather……now there is a reason to complain!!!!!!

Today we had an invitation to lunch at the home of our wonderful “landlords”, Konrad and Eswald.  They live in the mountains near Murta on a gorgeous piece of land, in a restored farmhouse, both exuding tranquility, peacefulness and lives that are lived, not just passed through.  How wonderful it was.

We enjoyed a stroll around their property, a tour of the home and a fabulous lunch, prepared with much attention to detail and absolutely delicious….if you are reading this Konrad…..thank you so much to both of you…….danka….obrigado.

We are so thankful to be able to winter here and to have found such wonderful new friends and enjoy such a rich social life.   Françoise will be heading home in a couple of days…..it’s impossible to think she has already been here 60 days but that is how time flies.  Although we will miss her and will have many fond memories of our time here together, Marc and I look forward to our next three months and look forward to our upcoming arrivals…..you all know who you are.


  1. Nice to hear what a lovely day you had. The peacock is so beautiful – I love their colors. Konrad & Eswald are lucky he/she adopted them. Glad you aren’t complaining as we are buried in snow today and not sure if I can even get out tomorrow at this point. Worked from home today and really busy. I would hazard a guess we may have 50-60 cm of snow. But, the good news is I have power and food! Always a sunny side to life..ha!


  2. I am so happy I am away from winter!!! I truly don’t take any pleasure in hearing you are all snowed in. Mr. Peacock showed up a year ago and hasn’t left for long periods since then. I think he is a bit lonely, which is why he flirts with the chickens…….but unfortunately, they don’t speak the same language!!!


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