Françoise’s Last Day in the Algarve

I know it’s said that the older we get, the faster time flies but this is ridiculous.  I find it impossible to believe that Françoise has already been here for 60 days and is about to head back to Canada in the morning.  Here’s wishing her a safe and timely flight (s).

I took a long walk this morning in anticipation of lunch on the patio at Ana’s at 12h30.  It was wonderful to see all the things that had come into bloom since the heavy rains of the past few days.  I spent two wonderful hours stomping up and down various roads, pathways and a couple of mountain paths then ended my explorations by visiting the local cemetery for a few moments of tranquility before meeting the others for lunch.

I headed to the square for 12h30 and found Benoit and Diane already sitting there and within minutes, Marc and Françoise arrived.  The special of the day was Favas with Entrecosto…Broadbeans with Pork ribs……yummy.

img_2696 We enjoyed the meal, the camaraderie and the simple joy of sitting outside to share a last meal with Françoise.  It did turn dark and even rained a little but we were under the patio roof so not to worry………

A pleasantly relaxing day for all of us and especially for Françoise.  She is all organized, packed and ready to start the journey home tomorrow.  We’re going to miss her but will have many wonderful memories and photos to prove she was here.


  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Wishing Francoise a safe journey back to Canada which is the land of snow in Halifax. I am all cleared out now but quite the day yesterday. So, needless to say it is so lovely to see pictures of the beautiful flowers.


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