A Day of Repose

An early rise this morning as we had to head to the airport.  And so, a lazy day, well not really lazy, but slower is probably the better word.  I’m not at all used to waking to an alarm clock since retiring!!!

Right about now Françoise is close to landing in Toronto, I expect she will be pooped by the time she arrives in Ottawa later today.  I’ve been missing her all day simply knowing she is not here.

This mornings airport trip killed two birds with one stone.  As Françoise was leaving, Danielle, Diane’s cousin, was arriving.  Wave hello Danielle….


Also, today was the day I returned one rental car and collected another…….a bunch of tiny tasks accomplished, and all before 9h30!!

Lunch at Ana’s, a meandering walk through the grounds of the Pousada after lunch, and a load of laundry and here I sit.  Marc has gone off to purchase….of all things…..cat food!! We had decided to stop feeding the cats as way too many were showing up (and spraying all over the patio) but one little female, who has adopted us, and refuses to leave, kept coming back and demanding some love and so…….he’s broken down!!!

Lunch, as always, at Ana’s was delicious.  I am very happy that the daily prato do dia always calls out to me and that I enjoy the Portuguese traditional dishes so much.  Today was frango do campo estufado……..a flavourful chicken stew.  I was the only one who ordered it.


Lunch was as always, a social event.  Ana visits, which we love.  Today other friends, Susie and Gus showed up and chatted and there is so much activity with folks coming and going either to stay and eat or enjoy the “take away”.  It’s always one of the highlights of our day and is never really JUST about lunch.

After lunch we took the long route, through the grounds of the Pousada to share a little of the beauty of Estoi with Danielle………it is afterall, just beside our apartments so no reason not to enjoy it.

And therein ends our day…..at least the social side of it.  Laundry is hanging to dry, piri piri chicken is just gone in the oven, Marc is up on the roof taking his daily sunset shots and all is good in the world.

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