And The Second Shift Arrives

On Thursday Andrea and Warren finally, despite being delayed by more than a day due to heavy  snow in Nova Scotia, have arrived safely to the warmth and sunshine of the Algarve.   A little tired but certainly no worse for the wear, they had taken the train from Lisbon to Faro arriving at 13h30.  It very nice to have them here and to share in our love of this wonderful place.

This morning, Friday, I went for a long lovely hike in the hills around Estoi.  It was a brilliantly sunny and warm day and during my two hour hiking, I did not lay eyes on another soul.  I truly felt as if I had the mountains to myself……unless you count the copious numbers of salamanders I saw and the beautiful bronze/brown hawk hunting for his late breakfast.

I noticed as well that the honeysuckle is starting to come into bloom and will probably bust in the next day or so.  That will create a wonderful scent, no missing it.

Once I was home everybody was up and Ana had posted her prato do dia, Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá, which is casserole of bacalhau, potatoes, eggs, olives, olive oil and onion. It is a speciality from the northern Portuguese city of Porto and so, we placed our order and at 12h30, along with Benoit, we headed off to the square.

How wonderful it was to sit and relax in the sunshine, share in friendship, old and new, and simply breath it all in.  Once lunch was done I headed off with Andrea and Warren for a little exploring while Benoit and Marc headed for the quinta.

And now, as afternoon slowly fades into evening, we have a fire on to add that lovely warmth, music is playing in the background and our nappers are just getting up.


  1. Glad to see Warren & Andrea arrived safely and enjoying the warm temps. Loved the pictures of flowers and food as usual. I loved to see Ana’s Prato do Dia speciality each day and so nice to see someone enjoys it each day.


  2. I am glad Andrea and Warren escaped Halifax’s snow and arrived safely to your sunny Paradise!
    I am in awe of that cactus flower…how strangely beautiful! Lunch looks delicious as usual…I am always salivating when I see the colourful presentation! Great day to introduce the ‘Second Shift’…funny!


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