Oranges Reign Supreme!

A beautiful sunny day deserves a road trip and friends to share it with, and that’s exactly what we had!!

Our day started with one of Marc’s delectable breakfasts…….fresh goat cheese, strawberries, honeycomb or marmalade, toast and strong coffee……..what a great way to fuel  up and kickstart the day.

img_3348 Once we were organized, we headed off to Silves for the Festival da Larnja…..Orange Festival.  We didn’t have any idea what to expect but truly, it didn’t matter, the day was about the journey, the camaraderie and the magnificent Portuguese countryside.

Because we had made a few stops and took our time getting to Silves, it was now close to 13h00 and the consensus was, let’s eat first, then go to the festival grounds, then wander….and that’s precisely what we did.

Festivals in Portugal, we have discovered, could mean anything.  Sometimes they are enormous and packed, sometimes they are smaller, often times it includes many vendors selling local liquors and always food.  Sometimes the “theme” of the festival, today being “Oranges” are evident, but just!!  Today was a mix of all of the above.

We certainly enjoyed our short time there and were enjoying being in Silves, and the sunshine so decided to take a walk around the town.  Storks were in great abundance, flying about, feeding their young, clacking their beaks and making all kinds of noises. Pure entertainment.


One of the things we noted was that the local electrical boxes were undergoing a bit of a creative transformation……….here are a few samples.  I love them.  I wonder if they are done by different artists?

And, following all the walking and wandering, we headed for home……..a quick stop in Loule at the market and then onward……….this is what greeted us as we arrived home to start dinner and enjoy what’s left of the day.



  1. Looks and sounds like a beautiful day.

    I see your ‘fella’ is looking dapper in his hat!

    Breakfast looked wonderful, I could use a coffee right about now.
    Oh and those oranges…wow…. I’d love to try one. Stuck in my mind is the tartness of our oranges here so I’d love to taste the sweetness of those.

    The local art is cute. Oh and I LOVED the electrical boxes!!!! What a wonderful idea! Each of them different and so nicely done.

    Love the stairway with all the plants and the hidden courtyard.

    As usual Marc’s sunset’s are gorgeous.



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