Time Flies By

These days I seem to carry my camera around with me and only later in the day will I realize I’ve forgotten to take any photos!!!!  It’s become a bit of an appendage and I think perhaps I’d better start carrying it in a different hand soas to have photos to post to a blog!

We’ve been enjoying having Andrea and Warren with us, as well as all our other socializing and the time is simply flying by.  On Sunday a wonderful lunch out with friends, old and new.  Monday a day of wandering in Olhao and today, lunch with friends, unexpectedly and then an errand in Faro…….it doesn’t take much to wile the hours away.

Andrea and Warren explored Olhao yesterday while I attended an appointment and then I met up with them, we wandered and explored a little more, enjoyed a fresh fish lunch then home late afternoon.  Marc stayed at home to work on a piece of collage  he’s been hoping to finish.

Ana posts her daily prato do dia on facebook each day and if we want it we simply send her an email to tell her how many portions and what time…….how easy is that???  Today the four of us decided to go and then we met up with Diane, Benoit and Danielle then as we were enjoying wine and conversation, along came our other neighbours, Harald and Bella so we pulled up another table and enjoyed a very pleasant meal together.  How wonderful to enjoy such a rich and full social life in our home away from home.

I enjoyed a wonderful walk earlier and here are a few of my shots I did remember to take.

And so goes life in Estoi!!!!


  1. Lovely shots of everyone and all of you enjoying each others company. I have to say the chicken in mushrooms looks so good, I may make it this week. We are up to a balmy sunny 0C today in Halifax but looks like Plus degrees all week with some rain, so our snow is going rapidly which can never be too fast..ha!


  2. So wonderful to see Henrique looking healthy and happy! Looking forward to seeing him. You have a terrific group of friends from both your home environments! And you all love food!
    I couldn’t recognize the flowers in your header but they caught my eye…beautiful show like my hydrangeas but lots more colour, really pretty!
    Temps up to 17 degrees C tomorrow; magnolias, pussy willows, etc. are all starting to bud…crazy weather but I am not complaining?
    Hugs, P


    1. I don’t know which flowers you are talking about….you’d have to tell me the title of the blog and then I could go look at them. That’s very strange weather for Canada right now……..I’m certain this doesn’t make the farmers happy.


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