My Birthday

And a Happy happy Birthday to me!  For those of you who know me well, you know I love my birthday…………and this one was made very special in many ways…….one of them, that Marc had nothing to do with……. A large amount of Saharan dust was swept up into a low pressure system over north Africa on February 21, 2017. Thick dust cloud has reached Spain and Portugal and is now moving east, toward Italy, Malta and the Balkans. The event is expected to last into early next week!!!!!!   How lucky am I?? We couldn’t even see in the car window this morning.  That said, it didn’t stop us from celebrating.

“Living” here in this wonderful quinta, we have had the great fortune to be surrounded by an amazing group of people.  We’ve become very good acquaintances and friends and it’s such  a delight to stop and chat, wave a friendly hello.  Just knowing they are all so close by is quite comforting.  Marc had invited all of them, and a few other friends, to come and share in my day with a trip to the Faro beach…..a shared lunch…….and even surprised me with champagne!  I don’t think the day could have been any more enjoyable.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was quite enjoyable.  Menu was varied and selection quite good.  The wait staff was friendly and fun.

Marc and Diane smuggled the champagne in….the staff, happily, hid it, put it on ice then when it was ready, made a lovely production of serving it and wishing me a Happy Birthday.  Such a relaxed and pleasant experience.

And with that, a wonderful afternoon came to a close.  I couldn’t have had a better 62nd!! Thanks very much to all these wonderful folks who came along to help make it a special day and a huge thanks to the light of my life, Marc F Thivierge……or to me….Frimousse.  Je t’aime!


  1. Happy Birthday to you…! It sounds like you had a great day with friends and the beaches of the beach look interesting with the sand and wind blowing.


  2. Well, you OLD reprobate, zillions of wishes to you! I’m having a nasty episode of sciatica, and am a teensy bit high from (legal) meds, would much prefer to be imbibing the champagne, thank you very much. Love to all. Sandy


  3. Happy birthday randy!!! Since your in Paradise already I don’t think you’ll have a hard time achieving that goal, your blog has made the snow,freezing rain and down right yucky winters much more tolerable Love every photo,expecially the food porn pics.sunsets are fabulous too. You are two very luck Canadian boys!!! Cheers janis

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  4. I have to blame it on spell check as I sent the email from work – no wine there. I was drinking V8 juice..ha! Unless it was a Caesar and no chance there.


  5. Lovely to have the opportunity to wish you Happy Birthday again! I remember sand storms when we were living in southern France. It was almost like a snow storm, the windshield had to be brushed of sand and the pathway to the house shoveled! Hope the sun is back tomorrow!


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