Yet Another Morning of Mountains

Following a hearty breakfast of oatmeal, fresh strawberries, cinnamon  and a tiny tiny drop of maple syrup I headed, along with my friend Bonnie, into the nearby mountains for, what turned out to be, a wonderful two hour hike.  We, of course, gabbed our faces off while we walked….proof that we are both in pretty good shape as we could walk, gab and breath at the same time!!

In addition to the apiary we found, the abandoned greenhouses and the countless bees that were flitting about, we found a huge field of wild thyme…..which of course we both collected for cooking.  What a perfect day for a hike and how much fun for me to get to show off one of the lovely trails I have discovered.

Once home we headed over to Ana’s for lunch (\carne porco a portuguesa), where we met up with Diane and Benoit.  I cannot express enough how much we enjoy these get togethers at Ana’s, how relaxing it is and how much we enjoy the wonderful food and conversation. We have the sense that we’ve been invited to the garden patio of an old friend and they’ve spent the morning preparing a sublime meal for us.   A highlight of most days.

Another wonderful day.  Andrea and Warren had gone off on their own for a tour of the cork factory, they’ve told me they will never look at a cork the same way again!!!



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