Markets, Mayhem and Moving

This part of the Algarve is alive with costumes and colours right now as Carnaval, or as we know it, Mardi Gras, is about to happen.   This means that around now, many people start to show up in costumes…..children and adults alike.  Fun is in the air.

The Loulé Carnival is the oldest Carnaval event Portugal, with over 100 years of celebrations. Thousands of revelers jam the streets and music is everywhere. Those in costume strut their stuff. others are there to watch and enjoy, which will include all of us as the plan is to go to Loulé Tuesday early afternoon to take it all in.

This Saturday however was all about shopping and moving.  Andrea and Warren were preparing to head into Fuzeta to take ownership of their new apartment overlooking the sea and it seemed appropriate that we take a morning side trip to Olhao to not only allow them to enjoy this fabulous weekly outdoor market beside the sea, but also to stock up a few things for their first meal alone in their new place and the coming week.

As Andrea and Warren headed off to explore and enjoy the market, Marc and I bumped into Gwen, a Saturday morning fixture in Olhao, and her niece Jillian, who has just recently arrived from Canada for a week long visit……what great hands she is in with Gwen as her guide!

Once our bica was done and our visit over, Marc and I headed off to make a few purchases of our own and enjoy the day.

A great morning……..we bumped into Harald who was on a mission of some sort so just a quick chat.  No sign of Bela, she was in the car staying warm.  How wonderful it is that we have this network of folks in our lives here.  To bump into people, enjoy a smile and a quick word.  Truly makes us feel at home.

From there we decided to stop in Pechao for lunch before heading home…..seems the costumes aren’t simply for children today….

We then headed home, Andrea and Warren packed up the car and Marc and I felt as if we were sending our kids off to university!!!!!!  The next phase of our time here has commenced for all.   And on one final note…..just have a look at the abundance of almonds starting to form on the trees……



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