They’ve Arrived!!!

The title of this blog could apply to many things today!  I started out the day with a lovely walk around the property here in Estoi, just to check out what might be new in terms of flowers.  I did end up discovering a couple of new things…..

Later in the morning, Marc, opting to stay home and enjoy a little solitude with his collage, Benoit, Diane, Danielle and I headed off to Berlengas.  This is the property I usually rent when here and we will return to on April 1st for my last two months in Portugal.   I wanted them to see it, to have a lovely walk around the farm and orchards and to have a visit with Bonnie, who is currently renting it.

We enjoyed a wonderful stroll about, I was delighted to be able to show off the farm that I love and while there I received a gift (thank you Henrique) of a container of fresh black figs and another of plump juicy marinated olives……a belated birthday gift.  Bonnie was a gracious hostess and escorted us all around the property…..I think she though I was going to take ALL the oranges!!!

From there, home to pick up my fella and head to Ana’s for a wonderful lunch.

It was quite warm and sunny today and sitting in the square, watching the world go by, chatting about our life and how amazing it is really makes us appreciate how fortunate we are.  I’m so happy than many years ago, the thought of wintering outside Canada really imbedded itself in my brain and that I had the ability and motivation to plan and save for it.

And finally…….my OTHER amazing arrival of the day……


Pat and Gary Kean have arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I was there to collect them at the Faro airport, arriving no worse for the wear and delighted to be here.   Marc and I are both happy they have finally landed………Marc stayed at home to literally, stoke the fire, set the table and have everything ready for our first, of many, meals together.  And speaking of Marc….



  1. Terrific photos, thanks for the poppies! All the flowers are extraordinaire! P&G look very happy to be there, of course!
    Hugs all around…Love, P


    1. Played again last night and Gary won both hands. Weather doesn’t look too bad back in Halifax. Missing you…wish you were here.


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