Clearly A Habit is in Place

It seems that our routine has become one of keeping a low profile and hanging out in Estoi the day after company arrives.  Not a bad routine and we do have to allow them some time to catch their breath after the lengthy travel day.  It was a warm and cloudy day and Pat and Gary had slept well.  We left Marc home to work on some collage then Pat, Gary and I headed off for an amble around town.

I shared with P&G a few of the many short-cuts, inviting trails and paths around town and of course the location of grocery, post office etc. and then we headed home to collect Marc and head off for lunch and a quick trip to  Olhão.

The food was wonderful and the restaurant, a new one for us in Pechão, was busy, energetic and I am certain we were the only tourist within 1000 meters!!

A wonderful first day with Pat and Gary, and one of many to come as they are here with us until April 15th.  A lovely late afternoon fire, great conversation, a few games of crib and to top it all of, this wonderful sunset compliments of Marc.


  1. I can see from the smiles that Pat and Gary are just a little bit happy to be there! lol

    I’m pretty sure you’ll all have a wonderful time together, can’t wait to see all the photos {perhaps some videos} of the fun you all have.

    It’s 9 degrees here right now and no snow to be seen. Going up to 16 tomorrow but it’s calling for light rain. Honestly, it’s been a bizarre winter here. I think we’ll be a ‘tropical’ location one day.

    Keep on keeping on.



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