Loulé Carnival

What a full, but enjoyable day we had.  Shrove Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, take your pick!!! There isn’t much that I can, or need to say.  The photos tell the story.

We headed back to the quinta where Benoit opted to enjoy a quiet afternoon at home while the others of us piled into two cars and headed off for Loulé.

Such a grand day had by all of us……we were a bit pooped by the end of it but hey….we are all well past middle aged so I don’t think we did so badly!!!  LOL  Here we are arriving home.


We were feeling pooped, a bit hungry and not willing to cook so Marc, Andrea, Warren, Gary and myself headed off to Dinis’s……….



  1. Wow! A carnival parade to rival New Orleans! Would have loved to be there! And I see that Putin and Trump are on people’s minds even in southern Portugal!


  2. WOW!!! I can only imagine the sound that goes along with all those amazing pictures!! The music, singing and laughter.
    It looks amazing.

    They put a lot of work into their parades there…. from the well done floats and the amazing costumes. I would have loved to have sat up on the top balcony of a pretty place and watched it all. 🙂

    I chuckled at the picture of Pat with her ‘all gone’ panna cotta. Too funny.

    Ana seems to really enjoy you guys. She looks like a happy soul.

    Oh and the beef stew with mashed potatoes looked divine!!



  3. OMGosh! What an incredible display of colour, ingenuity and crazy fun! It must entail a year long preparation! Yes, I would have loved it! Awchicarumba!
    Funnily, I had a Greek salad for lunch as well but no comparison to the rest of your day! So wonderful you captured such fabulous pics of the extraordinaire costumes, floats, food and your amigos to bring smiles later on! What a great day! Hugs, P


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