Food, Friends and Flowers

Marc and I are both so incredibly thankful for this amazing six month sojourn in Portugal. Away from winter weather.  The only thing missing for us….friends and family…..thank goodness for those that do come to either visit us, or park themselves nearby.  We are both delighted with the amazing social life we have here thanks to the wonderful people we have met at our quinta, in Estoi, and again, for friends that are also here in Portugal.  We realize that we have much more of a social life here than we do in Canada!!!

Our last few days have been quite lovely and laid back.  Relaxing by the pool, conversations, lunches, teas in the afternoon and the odd road trip…….close by for some of us, and more lengthy for others….today Pat, Gary, Warren and Andrea headed to the west coast to explore and see another side of Portugal.

Today Marc and I headed off to Fuzeta with Benoit and Diane….turns out they hosted a market today…..Fuzeta, not Benoit and Diane!!!!!

Another wonderful few days, zipping quickly past us…….and at the end of each day…..compliments of Marc……



  1. What fabulous ‘F-words’!!! The best! You depicted a terrific day in your photos….and Marc always captures the perfect evenings in his sunsets…I look forward to them everyday! Carpe diem! Hugs, P


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