And the Jasmine starts to bloom!

I’m always sort of amused by the fact that I am so aware of the weekends here in Portugal. I think I’ve said before, it’s because everything stops at noon on Saturday and doesn’t start again till Monday.  Just that fact helps define the days of the week and makes me aware that yet another week has disappeared.

Our weather has been cloudy and a bit temperamental the last two days but Ana tells us that that is normal for March.  The good news for us is that effective tomorrow there is going to be another huge shift upwards in both temperatures and sunshine…….that means beach days are just ahead and I can’t wait to bury my toes in the hot sand while walking up and down the gorgeous beaches in this area.

Today we entertained our friend Gwen for breakfast.  She is currently without hydro and we wanted to make sure she started her day with a hot meal!!!!!   We then invited her to lunch with us, a date we already had with Benoit and Diane, and the five of us headed off to enjoy a great meal and company,

After lunch, Marc, Benoit, Diane and myself took a lovely drive along part of the coast and eventually to Cacela Velha then home through the mountains.  A lovely relaxing day. Totally enjoyable and easy, as Sundays should be!



  1. Jasmine! When you get back you must come over and help me convince Jean-Claude that Portugal is the place to be! There is a standing invitation to brunch or supper! The statues in the chapel reminded me of small chapels Arlette and I would visit in France on our pèlerinage, some in the middle of nowhere and they always had mememtos on the altar such as small statues similar to these left by pilgrims before us.


  2. Missed your blog for the last few few days. It’s bit chilly with temps and wind chills in the -20+ C so have been hongering down inside in Halifax. Good news we we are on the plus side this week -hope we are in the spring movements. Keep the lovely pictures coming forward as it keeps me reminding spring is on the horizon


  3. I thought I had lovely Jasmine in my garden but it certainly pales to what is in Portugal. The aroma is intoxicating….you must be loving it! Hope Gwen’s power returned by day’s end…Hugs, P


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