Hiking and Flora

An absolutely gorgeous day here in Estoi.  The sun was shining, very little wind all morning, which allowed Marc to collage on the upstairs terrace all day, something he loves to do.

I had a mid morning appointment in Olhao so, after hanging out the laundry, I headed off for that then one home enjoyed lunch at the Quinta then headed off for a long lovely hike in the mountains.  I explored a few old farm roads I’d been wanting to climb, bumped into a hunter and his dog……and it’s not a hunting day which is probably why he looked a little sheepish and simply smiled at me rather than give me a chastising look!

So many new things are bursting with colour and flower in the hills.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I quite enjoyed the time wandering and climbing.  Being alone it’s quieter and consequently I see more more wildlife.  I saw rabbits, many salamanders, the guinea hens and four very dead frogs!!!!!!!!  Large dead frogs!!!!!!


  1. Wow !! What beautiful flowers.I love the nature. Randy, the rock edifice looks like Fred Flintstone’s face from the side view lol


  2. LMAO I’ve looked at that rock edifice from every angle and I think my sister is mad. LOL It does make one wonder what it was in a past lifetime.

    Lavender… Love seeing it and smelling it of course. I predict lavender honey in the near future. lol

    I love that last tallgrass you captured, it’s very pretty.

    Are you anywhere near the Fafe Mountains? You should go see the Casa de Penedos there!! I’d love to wander through a few to see what they look like inside. Perhaps I’ll see if I can find something online that shows the interior.

    I wonder what the huge dead frogs was all about. Sad… I love frogs.

    Have a great evening.



  3. Lavender honey! my favourite and hard to find! The Casa de Penedos look positively luxurious! Is the piri piri fruit what they use for the chicken piri piri?


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