Hot and Lazy Day

Based on the intense heat of the day I can see how easy it would be to become a complete and utter slug in June, July and August when the heat here is at it’s peak.  I was motivated to do absolutely nothing, and other than a walk with Marc this morning, that’s exactly what I did.  NOTHING!

Once home we had an errand to run but then came back here and enjoyed a light lunch on our upstairs terrace.  We both felt like a coffee afterwards and decided to walk down to Ana’s to enjoy a bica and a visit…….and who did we run into but a Yoko Ono look alike…

IMG_3207 Yes, Diane and Benoit were enjoying a little solitude, which we quickly interrupted…..I’m not even certain if we asked them if we could join them, we simply sat!!!

And as all good evenings come to a close, and thankfully a cooler one…



  1. Great day to just ‘be’…that’s the difference between being on a vacation and ‘living’ in another destination. No pressure to see everything, do everything, etc. You know the old adage…’It’s better to be a good liver, than to have a good liver!’ You are doing both! Hugs, P


  2. Beautiful day again I see!!!

    Randy the picture “Another section of our chosen path this morning.” is gorgeous. It’s like something you’d see in a travel book.

    Love the mare and the fact that Marc is feeding her. 🙂

    Diane looks sooooo much better than Yoko Ono tho! LOL



    1. *Grin* You’re most welcome. If I were you, I’d have given Randy a good punch in the arm for that remark. hehehehee


  3. You both look wonderful! The photographs are so vivid and are a welcome burst of colour to lift my “mid-March in Canada” spirit!!


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