I’ve Lost Track of Days of the Week!!!!

Les jours que nous passons ici ne ce ressembles pas mais ont tous de même des resemblances les unes avec les autres. C’est partout pareil me direz vous. Sans doute. Ici, par contre, le soleil et le temps clément sont présents. Entendons nous, je ne désir pas étaler mon bonheur pour que vous vous sentiez mal, certainement pas. Par contre je peu être fière de nos choix.

Hier ce fut calme et paisible en matinée avec Randy qui est aller faire une randonnée avec Bonnie à la montagne saint Miguel. Pour ma part j’ai travailler d’arrache-pied à une œuvre qui me fait suer. En après midi on s’est retrouvé le groupe de résidents de la Quinta au restaurent de Ana. Et puis autour de la piscine un peu plus tard. Les conversations allaient bon train, la camaraderie était des nôtres. Nous apprenons à nous connaître avec bonheurs. Quelle joyeuse gang!


Today I enjoyed a wonderful hike to the top of Sao Miguel with Bonnie.  It was truly spectacular and in my five years of coming here and hiking the mountain today was the clearest it’s ever been.  Once at the top you could see clearly from Spain all the way to Albufeira and out over all the tiny islands dotting the shoreline.  The villages of Culatra and Armona.  I swear, if my eyes were stronger I could have seen people sunbathing out there it was that clear!!!!  Also…flowers flowers and more flowers!!

We both enjoyed the day very much.  I dropped Bonnie at home,she is living in the place I usually stay while here and will move into on April 1st for the balance of my stay in Portugal, picked a few oranges and lemons then headed home to Marc, who was enjoying a morning of collage and probably dancing wildly around the house while I was away!!

On the way home I took a side road to see whether or not my favourite flower here might be in bloom.  It’s the only place I’ve ever seen it here and my heart skipped a beat when I pulled in to have a look and there it was……..dancing in the breeze, just for me!!

I was grinning happily on the rest of my journey home to Estoi……and grinned even wider when I ran into a road block of sort.


I sat here for about five minutes while the entire flock crossed the road, staying back soas not to frighten them.  Such a delight and so typical of the Algarve.

A wonderful lunch at Ana’s….. cabidela de galinha…look it up……..enjoying once again the company of Benoit, Diane, Bela and Harald.  Always plenty of laughter and good company.  Life as I know it is GRAND!


  1. You found a ton of beautiful flowers indeed! The little white ones hanging off the side of the mountain are so delicate and pretty!

    I love seeing the succulents growing out of crevices and rocks. Interesting plants they are.

    The views are spectacular!!!! Wow.

    Randy you REALLY do have to get some seeds of those blue poppies!!! We all want some!! {yeah I saw the FB posts LOL} I want those, some jasmine and freesia. I’ll find a way to grow them inside!!!

    Oh Lord…. you and your dishes.

    Cheater for everyone…

    *****Cabidela de Galinha is a Portuguese dish made with poultry or rabbit cooked in its own blood added to water and a bit of vinegar. The blood is captured when the animal is slaughtered. The rice is cooked together with the meat or separately. The blood imparts a brown color to the dish.*****


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