Serra de Alcaria do Cume

What a magnificent day I’ve passed today.   The plan was that Harald and I would head off early morning to the Serra de Alcaria do Cume, a mountain range just above Santa Catarina, and hike the Águas de Tábuas trail.  The others would leave “home” around noon and drive to the tiny town of Bemprece, a few kms from our trail, and meet us for lunch at a place Bela and Harald had recently discovered.   I could not have been happier with the outcome, despite a few hiccups!!!

IMG_3236 Here is my trusty guide, Harald, checking his map, and attempting to set his hiking GPS.  First issue of the day, the GPS would not get the appropriate signal therefore we were heading out blindly but full of vim and vigor and great expectations.   We headed off in what we thought was the general direction but after about a km or two we recognized we had probably headed in the wrong direction and so, like any good explorers, we retraced our steps, found the appropriate markers and headed upwards and onwards.

About two hours into our hike, we realized we were actually not on the trail we thought and although we were not lost…….I repeat….we were NOT lost……we recognized that we were probably many many kms away from our return point, and the car BUT…the good news is, my trusty friend and guide, Harald, looked around, recognized roughly where we were and so off we headed in what we hoped, and turned out to be correct, the direction of the restaurant where we were to meet the others.

Roughly 3.5 hours later and I’m guessing anywhere between 16 – 20 kms.  We arrived…..just as the others did.


We had decided we would enjoy lunch then Harald would drive me to my car then back to the restaurant to collect the others for the drive home.  Thank goodness we didn’t have to walk the additional kms to get the car!!!

A day full of delight for me, Vielen dank, thank you very much Harald.  I will sleep well tonight!!  And speaking of tonight…….

IMG_3635  Avec une journée comme aujourd’hui ont ce sera crus en plein mois de juillet. Un soleil éblouissant, pas un nuage à l’horizon, une douce et légère brise caressant l’épiderme, rien de moins. Randy est partie en balade avec Harald aussitôt le déjeuner pris et moi j’ai choisi de relaxer à la maison. Le plan était de rencontré Randy et Harald après leur excursion dans les vallées dernière Sao bra de Alportel le point de rendez-vous, un restaurant en flanc de montagne avec vue prenante sur les vallées allant jusqu’à la côte de l’Algarve. 

Dans la voiture nous étions Diane, Benoît, Bella ( qui conduisait) et moi-même.

Je ne peu que dire WOW et le redire WOW WOW. Quel merveille cette vu. Mais le restaurent n’a pas que la vu il a un menu modeste où chacun peu en tirer bon compte.

Une journée ultra plaisante en très bonne compagnie (encore une fois) 

Nous sommes vraiment béni. Merci l’univers, merci la vie.



  1. Loved all the pics today as usual & the food loved define. I love lamb and the combo with roasted pumpkin sounded so good. I agree with Joanne – can you get seeds for all of us for the blue poppies? No pressure…ha!


  2. Some of the vistas remind me of the Languedoc region in France, coming down from Minerve not far from Béziers. The smells of heather and thyme and the beautiful dry heat of southern France!


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