Flowers, Friends and Festivals

Very spontaneously today, Marc Gwen and myself headed off into the mountains for the Feira do Pao e Queijo Fresco (Festival of Bread and Cheese) in Vaquerios,  a sleepy little village in the mountains close to Alcoutim.   What a delight……..the drive, there and back, the festival itself and of course, the food!!!!

Despite a lack of fancy advertising the event was very well attended. Not surprisingly there is plenty of freshly baked bread and cheese of several varieties  on sale but also some craft stalls, pottery and plenty of places to eat and drink.

We arrived in Vaquerios…….tucked away in the side of the mountain……youprobably wouldn’t stumble o it if you weren’t looking for it.  What a quaint, beautiful, tiny village and how grand that it hosts this festival each year without much aplomb.  So well attended and very few tourists in sight.  A unique find I think!

OUr food was delicious and I have to say, this was the best stuffed chorizo bread I’ve ever experienced in Portugal.  I will most certainly be going back next year.  Our drive home was also special as Gwen took us through tiny mountain roads that wee would otherwise, never have taken.  Again, certainly not for the weak of heart………..I imagined a couple of friends in particular (you’ll know who you are) in the backseat sweating, and probably screaming at me to “stop the car and let me out”.  It was that kind of route.  I loved it.





  1. I love Gwen’s red sandals and did she buy the purple shoes? A lot of the vistas and the village reminded me of descriptions in Yan Martel’s “The High Mountains of Portugal”. That white church and the steps could easily I think, in my mind anyways, be the village where Peter the Canadian Senator and the chimp Odo settle in the last story.

    Thank you for a lovely virtual trip through your descriptions and photos!


    1. Michelle, it’s so funny that you would say that about the church as I thought the same thing when I was there yesterday. As we were driving home I had the thought that if the road had not been paved, it would have felt exactly like the descriptions in the book!!!!


  2. Sooo??? Did Gwen buy those lovely purple sandals????? LOL

    I love the succulent that’s growing by the church steps. It’s so pretty.

    OMG at the stuffed chorizo bread!!! That sounds delicious. Mmmmmm, that with some cheese… drool* Top it all off with a wonderful coffee and some homemade florentine. 😉

    I’d love to shop through those sandals!!! Size 6 1/2 please. lmao



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