Carole, André, Jessica, Guillaume, et André junior sont arrivés il y a deux jours et Bela et Harald nous ont quittés ce matin. Les gens s’en vont d’autres arrive. Ont est là pour les accueillir ou pour leur souhaiter un bon voyage, le sourire aux lèvres ou la larme à l’œil. La vie est ainsi faite que l’ont soit n’importe où. 

Nous vous avons raconter que notre vie sociale ici au Portugal est bien remplie. 

Et puis, les jours sont remplie de rires et de bonne bouffe. Sur cette notre j’aurais l’occasion de vous reparler d’une expérience en gestation. On me laissera assister a une journée de préparation de repas dans notre restaurent chétif , Chez Anna. Simon le chef cuisinier a accepter. La date n’est pas encore choisi mais on me ce sera pour très bientôt il parais. 

Randy et moi nous nous sommes liés d’amitié avec nos voisins Harald et Bela et avons été triste de les voir nous quitté. Très triste. La bonne nouvelle c’est que lorsque nous reviendrons nous les reverront. 


I’ve said it before and will say it yet again, where does the time go??   Andrea and Warren have left us and are now in Lisbon hopefully enjoying the many wonderful sights and sounds that are available.  They will be heading back to Canada in a few days full of great memories and wonderful stories to share with family and friends.

Pat and Gary have settled into a wonderful routine, love the quinta and have met all of our friends that we have made here.  A huge big extended family we’ve become.

Carole, André, Guillaume, André and Jessica have arrived and are settled into their beautiful farm house about 2.2 kms from us.  And today, Bela and Harald have headed home to Detmold, in Germany.  They are still travelling as I write this and will undoubtedly be tired when they arrive.

And there you have all of our ch-ch-ch-changes!!!!!!!

In the meantime we have all been busy enjoying our time in the Algarve, despite a day or two of cooker weather.  Many wonderful meals have been shared, walks have been taken, vino has been imbibed!! And life as we know it, is truly grand.

IMG_3378  Patty Anne and the Gingham Boys!!!!! (Warren and Marc)  This was on the final night that Andrea and Warren were here with us. We enjoyed a last meal of piri piri chicken and salad and as always, lively conversation peppered with belly laughs.

Going to Santa Luzia was not planned.  We had been to Fuzeta and had planned on eating in Livramento but sadly, it was closed.  Gary suggested Santa Luzia and all of our faces lit up……….it is the capital of fresh octopus (polvo) in this area and it was on our list to eat there……having it so spontaneously was wonderful.

Carole, André, Guillaume, André and Jessica had arrived from Montreal late Thursday afternoon….without their luggage!!  Happily it was delivered later that night and so on Friday morning, Marc and I walked over to “collect” them and walk back into Estoi with them to enjoy, a wonderful lunch on the patio at Ana’s.

We are so happy to have these folks close to us for the next several weeks.  I know we will spend many enjoyable moments together.

This morning we said goodbye to Harald and Bela.  We will miss having them as neighbours, sharing occasional meals and hikes.  The wonderful thing is, we know we will all see each other again next year.

IMG_3400  We hope you’ve arrived safely at home!!!!!!!   Hugs from all of us in the quinta.

Once we said our goodbyes, Carole et al had arrived, Pat and Gary were ready to head off and so all of us piled into the two vehicles and headed to the Saturday morning Olhao market.

I always enjoy heading to Olhao on Saturday morning.  The sights, sounds, smells, everything adds to the wonderfulness of it all.  Once done we headed home, enjoyed a lovely lunch on the patio then Marc and I had an errand to run while Pat and Gary enjoyed a lovely mountain road walk.

Once home Diane and Benoit invited us for a “cinq a sept”, a Quebec French term for a social gathering that takes place after work and prior to the dinner hours. Wine, beer, and cocktails are served along with finger foods…….what a marvelous way to start the closure for ths lovely day. Merci Benoit and Diane.


And then of course, there is our daily sunset from Marc………..always beautiful.

IMG_3777 Oh and before I forget…..we think we hired a chimney cleaner today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. By the looks of it, you’ll have the green almond lamb in the coming week 😉 Make sure to try the green almonds with olive oil and lots of vino. Bonne soirée à tous


    1. Allo mon amie…….could you send me the link again for the green almond recipes…I was so certain I saved it but I can’t find it!! See what you have to look forward to when you get to be my age? LOL


  2. As always a great blog with wonderful shots of flowers, food and great friends! What a wonderful time you are having. Keep the blog a coming!


  3. The reason the swarm of bees were briefly gathered there is because when a honey bee swarm emerges from a hive they don’t fly far at first. They gather in a tree or on a branch sometimes not far from the hive. There, they cluster about the queen and send 20 – 50 scout bees out to find suitable new nest locations. This intermediate stop is not for permanent habitation and they will normally leave within a few hours to a day for a suitable location.

    They are simply resting while scouting for a new home. 🙂

    Love Gwen’s sandals!!!!!


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