Sunday Sunshine and “S”elebrations!!

Another gorgeous and sunny day with plans for a lazy morning, lunch at Ana’s and a surprise birthday dinner in the evening.  How much better could a day be huh?

We enjoyed a casual relaxing early afternoon together.  Great food,  lively conversations, which sometimes I think must annoy others but who cares.  If people are put off by laughter and camaraderie, they should stay home.

And speaking of  camaraderie…..a few hours later, we were all heading off to Carole’s for a surprise birthday for Guillaume……..what fun we had and what a feast!!!

IMG_3433  The birthday boy on the right.   Happy Birthday Guillaume.

What a feast we shared……..thanks to Carole who prepared it.  We stayed into the early evening, enjoying conversation, wonderful music, fabulous food, very pleasant company and as you say, a beautiful sunset.   A truly great day.  see below  ***********************************************************************C’était l’anniversaire de Guillaume, le fils d’André. Carole et les autres lui avaient préparé une jolie fête en soirée. Tout un festin et une surprise de voir Randy, Patricia, Garry, Diane, Benoît et moi ce sont joint au party. On a pas 24 ans tout les jours. J’ai crus voir une grande joie dans les yeux du jubilé quand on l’a surpris avec un grand cris de joie a l’unisson SURPRISE!!!!

J’ai toujours beaucoup aimer surprendre les fêter.
Autrement, le beau temps a décider de rester avec nous encore une journée. Après tous c’est jour de printemps. Par contre ça fait deux trois jours que je dit a qui veux bien l’entendre que j’ai l’impression qu’on est en plein mois de juillet. Je me trompe, c’est certain.


  1. Oh that picture of everyone sitting around in the evening sun!! Gorgeous!!

    Love all the beautiful pictures and ohhhhhh the food! Looks delish.

    Oh I have to run, at Pat M’s and she’s taking me somewhere. LOL

    Love and Hugs


  2. Yes, another day of wonderful camaraderie and great food! Carole’s place looks fabulous and plenty large for entertaining….the shadows and colours at dusk made for lovely pics. Most inviting environment! I really liked the lady on the mule at the header, as well!
    Carole’s dinner looked delish and Andre gets an ‘A’ for cooking! Looking forward to seeing Andre and Carole in Portugal, wow!
    On to the next blog…
    Love, P


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