Old Man Weather……..

A day trip!  I love them and today’s was no different.  I think since I was a kid I’ve always loved everything about road trip.

Carole,  Patricia, Gary, Marc, André and of course me….headed off with Monchique in mind, a climb to the upper reaches of Foia, the highest point in the Algarve, lunch in some wonderful place and then home.  Turned out we ended up doing all that with a side trip, and exploration of, Silves thrown in for good measure.

Our first stop of the day was at the Caldas de Monchique, a spa town in the Monchique Mountains. It has been famous for its waters, which supposedly have healing properties, since Roman times.

We left here and then drove the additional kms up to the very top of the mountain to Foia….as luck would have it, the fog was as thick as pea soup and we couldn’t see much more than an arms length!  Real bummer for those that had never been there, to be able to enjoy the spectacular view.   We did however pop into the local “gift shop” and managed to enjoy a  laugh or two..

Once down the mountain we looked for a place for lunch, had a restaurant in mind but couldn’t find it so stopped at a pizza place just below Monchique…..a great find…..very good pizza and nice cold beer……….satisfied all six of us and left-overs to boot!

From here we decided to take a more scenic route home with a stop in Silves.  We parked the car and wandered for an hour or so……well most of us wandered…..some of US simply parked themselves on a bench and waited!!

And for my francophone friends…….

Une journée qui a commencer nuageuse, même pluvieuse par moment mais qui s’est terminer avec un plein soleil .

Heureux sont ceux qui croient aux rayons chaleureux de l’astre du jour.

Notre « but » était de monter au plus haut sommet de la montagne de Monchique. Une heure de route par l’autoroute vers le nord ouest, dans les montagnes. Celles qui l’an dernier ont subissent une dévastation pas le feu. 

Arrivé au point d’observation, où normalement ont voir jusqu’à Lagos et Albufeira, il n’y avait rien a voir qu’un épais brouillard qui crachait une fine et moins fine pluie. Et le froid qui accompagnait cette météo inattendue n’était pas du tout plaisante. 

J’oubliais: du voyage étaient Carole, Patricia, André, Garry, Randy et moi.

Qu’a cela nous tiennes, nous sommes remontés dans la voiture et avons trouver un chouette restaurant qui nous ont servi une délicieuse pizza toute garnie.

A une trentaine de minutes au sud ce trouvais la charmante municipalité de Silves. Un arrêt allait de soit. 

Sans contredit, c’est une agréable ville. Touristique certainement mais sans trop avoir perdu de son charme. 

En tout et pour tout ce fut une agréable journée en merveilles compagnie, tout en bilinguisme. Beaucoup d’éclats de rires, de prises de photos, d’agréments.

Merci tout le monde, merci la vie.


  1. Cherry blossoms, a redbud, magnolia, birds of paradise…my heart! Make them be there for me please! And, is there any hope for an ailing knee in Caldas de Monchique?
    Great fun shots of the 3 Monkeys and especially good of Marc and Andre in the shop…interesting stock!
    Even though weather may be a little unpredictable, you all never lose your great smiles…good on you all!
    Love, P


  2. Now this was a beautiful blog!

    All the smiles….beautiful. You can almost feel the camaraderie and the humour coming through in the photos. I love it.

    I love the top of the old house. Very interesting indeed. Oh and the calla lillies in the water…. simply beautiful.

    The flowering cherry! Wow.

    Of course I laughed at the silly boys and their ‘toys’ in the shop. LOL I want to know what ….no never mind, I don’t want to know what the next picture would have been. LOL My mind just flashed to what it could have been !!!!! Ack, I need to scrub my mind now. hehehee

    I too loved the picture of the angles, shadows, contours and colours of that one place and the gorgeous and very vibrant orange and green colours in the next picture!

    On a final note…. that one pizza that most of you had…. YUMMMMMM!!!!



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