Another week just about over!!!

I thoroughly enjoy having so many of our friends, old and new, around us these days however it seems, with all the activities,  we are quickly racing towards the end of our stay here.  That leaves me feeling uneasy.

Our time here is Estoi is winding down, we move from the quinta on April 1st.  Although we are looking forward to our time on the farm,(how could I not after four other winters there, able to walk to and from the beach daily, exploring the salt flats and the nearby towns we have come  to love, appreciate, and know inside out), we also love it here and have developed such a wonderful lifestyle and routine.

In any case, those are my musings this morning and not the intent of my blog entry!!! Yesterday was delightful.   Pat and Gary decided to head off in the morning for Tavira and explore for the day.  I was happy to enjoy a “no car” day, as was Marc.  We had a couple of things we wanted to do and it was a perfect day to stay home and do them!!

Mid morning Carole et al arrived and Guillaume helped Marc with some installations and issues related to his new Mac Book, merci Guillaume, then all of us headed out for a lovely walk towards the mountains, following an old trail that I have taken many times after an introduction by Harald.  Perfect morning for it with sunny skies but a tiny breeze.

Once we headed back to the village, it was instantly onward to Ana’s for a wonderful lunch of favas com entrecosto……..fabulous beans with succulent cubes of pork…….we love this one……obrigado Simão.

Once home everybody headed off in their own directions but before leaving, we received a wonderful invitation to dinner at Carole, Guillaume,  André et André’s place…….how grand was that……a day of no driving AND no cooking!!!!

An afternoon visit with Bonnie who stopped by to deliver a fabulous jar of homemade marmalade that she created……thank you BonBon!!  I’m having it with toast this morning.  A wonderful visit and grand catch up.    Shortly after Bonnie left, a visit from Gwen McCauley!!!  As always, laughter arrives with her and a good gab.   Then mid conversation….Pat and Gary arrived home……groceries, stories and delighted with the invitation out for dinner.

And then…….dinner out……right up front…..Merci André et Guillaume for the amazing homemade poutine…….Carole for the fabulous chicken piri piri and salad, and André for the conversations, stories and laughter and for keeping wine glasses topped up.  What a fun evening.

What a great night we enjoyed and given we are only a couple of kms away from each other, it makes it that much more enjoyable as we are home in minutes.  And of course what would a night be without Marc’s sunset.


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